SpaceX Falcon Heavy Block 5 Test Fire All 27 Engines

SpaceX has successfully test fired the Falcon Heavy Block 5 rocket for the first time ever. SpaceX will aim for a four-day turnaround from static fire to launch, targeting liftoff as early as 6:36 pm EDT April 9th.

SOURCES- Twitter Elon Musk, SpaceX, Youtube

Written By Brian Wang

8 thoughts on “SpaceX Falcon Heavy Block 5 Test Fire All 27 Engines”

  1. It is hard to know how to respond to a content free non-sequitur verging on a word salad but i’ll go with:

    At the end of your days you won’t care what the motivations were for why somebody made a cure for your cancer. You’ll just be glad that the cure is available.

  2. “Can you really change the world without being a loving person?”

    Umm that would be a “most definitely yes you can change the future even if you are a horrible person, please go read a history book”.

  3. Usually when someone says “I will nuke you” you can just brush them off as being hyperbolic. With Musk… you have to give the threat some credence.

  4. Honestly Its hard to trust anything the press says now. 2 years ago they literally LOVED the guy could do no wrong.

    Then, he says he is going to open a site for people to vet the truthfullness of the press. (how dare anyone question them!) The way they see the world.

    Literally in a single moment they all turned on him. The end of the MSM can;t be soon enough.

  5. Musk doesn’t need a Nuke, he has the greatest ability to kinetic bombard someone, or thing, or nation. one FH could wipe out a square mile.

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