SpaceX Starhopper Liftoff to Tether Limits

The SpaceX Starhopper lifted off to the limits of the tether. The SpaceX hop tests seem to be progressing quite well but the main question is when there will be two more raptor engines placed into the Starhopper for real height on the tests.

SOURCES- Twitter Elon Musk

14 thoughts on “SpaceX Starhopper Liftoff to Tether Limits”

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  2. where can you find real current news of the hopper,it is BLACKED OUT in all the medis same for the brilliant CHINESE MOON ROVER, Chang’e-4 mission???
    DID it break down and quit?
    when/where will the FIRST HOP HAPPEN?
    I hope it hops down to Houston and lands is nasty liars nasa LAPS!

  3. This one will get 3. The (ostensibly) next iteration up for testing is an orbital prototype being built next to this very first vehicle.

    It stands to reason that the first stage SH will have at least some pre-production testing. Either off shore near Boca Chica or in Florida or elsewhere, as neither current locations at BC seem suitable for the thrust of dozens of raptors.

    Starship is the same diameter as the first stage SH, but it’s doubtful (even by SpaceX’s sometimes surprising strategies) that Starship prototypes will ever get more than the 7(?) Raptors that are planned for production SS’s.

    IIRC Starhopper is already the diameter of production design. Nine meters.

  4. Doesn’t look like 23 Raptors could fit on this initial test rig. Will we see larger/wider test rigs in the future, featuring more raptors on them? How do you think this progression will go?

  5. one raptor puts on a good show…. I’m wondering what 23 of them would look like…
    maybe they should install some fans to push the smoke out of the way…

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