Star Wars – Rise of Skywalker Trailer

Star Wars will try to win back fans this Christmas with the Star Wars Episode IX.

Spoiler to trailer below.

It looks like they will try to bring back Luke Skywalker and the Emperor in some larger way.

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  1. Everybody has opinions. That’s great, although I think a lot of folks just like to criticize new stuff because it’s fashionable.

    Rogue One was good, though I hate downer endings for a story’s protagonist. Solo was pretty much exactly what I thought it should be, it’s not epic, it’s a swashbuckler. That’s fine. The Star Wars universe has a lot of room for swashbucklers.

    Granted, The Force Awakens was too formulaic, for sure. The Last Jedi was a hot mess (I still think it could be mostly saved by cutting out a lot of stuff and adding about twenty minutes to make a sort of Anti-Director’s cut, unlikely because it would involve admitting Rian Johnson had been let off the leash without any adult supervision.

    Can this movie save the main sequence? Possibly, but I doubt it will. With Rey’s parents having been established as disreputable nobodies, that only works if the reason they were was because with Palpatine’s death, his enemies all came after the rest of his line, including his granddaughter’s parents. When the pursuit got too close they dropped her off and intended to come back but things were probably too close.

    The Emperor is still in the game, even as a Force ghost, because his granddaughter is taking the stage and he means to turn her.

    Aside from speculation on Finn, the title probably refers to some sort of redemption for Kylo Ren, a Skywalker on his mother’s side. Vader and Palpatine’s grandchildren could unite and bring a much delayed balance to the Force.

  2. I feel like you’re someone that hasn’t been paying attention to the past two movies.
    Rey is utterly and inexplicitly perfect and has everything handed to her.
    She has virtually no story arch, can do things that make ZERO sense[defeat the greatest Jedi in recent history with ZERO training? WHAT?!] and has no real backstory. No explanation for any of this.
    Read what DrPat types up for why her character was lazily written.
    “ust hating that main character is female, because it’s not 1950 ”
    Again- You have ZERO clue what you are talking about. Go read what a Mary Sue is.
    You want a scifi female main protagonist that was well written? Ellen Ripley from Alien and Aliens. Had a story arch and she is a strong female lead. Does sensible things and she responds to things that impacted her and overcame then.
    Take your silly little response to someone that is going to buy it.

  3. A Thrawn movie… nah TV series with the story told from Thrawn’s point of view.

    He’s the hero. The rebel scum really are terrorists following some ancient nutcase religion. We get to see the innocent victims of Rebel attacks.

    There are character arcs following a young Imperial… let’s say fighter pilot, whose family was mostly wiped out at their construction job on Death Star 2 and his sister was massacred in an attack on a casino of all places (she was a waitress). They were originally from Hoth before their ice farm was “liberated” to make a rebel base and they had to flee as refugees.

    Play it straight. Not showing Thrawn as a deluded but intrinsically evil man, but as actually decent, actually doing the right thing. Show previous events in context where it all makes sense from the Imperial point of view.

  4. And I… can’t really agree because I watched Rogue One, which wasn’t bad. Then watched the Force Awakens… and decided not to watch any more after that.

    • Just ignore that the next time the character faces a challenge. Spiderman could stop a speeding train in story number 4… but couldn’t stop a speeding car in story 6. We just hope the audience forgets and that doesn’t work so well in an era of detailed web pages on every little fictional world.
    • Come up with some contrived reason that the character doesn’t have that ability in the future.
    • Use their imagination to come up with an ever greater series of challenges. And if their imagination was that good they’d have invented a way to solve the problem without having to level up their character in the first place.

    The other place where Mary Sue’s arise all the time is when one author tries to extend another author’s characters (see Fan-fiction).
    It’s so easy to look at an original character and think

    • Yeah, that’s cool, but it would be even better if our Jedi didn’t have to spend years of training, but just used the Force to learn the force.
    • Yeah, that wizard raising a zombie is scary, but what if he was in a museum and raised a zombie T.Rex?
    • Yeah Aragorn is sweet but what if he had a lightsaber?

    Magic, superpowers and advanced alien tech are all risky because there are no actual limits on what you could dream up, so you are very tempted to just give your hero a bionic finger that conceals a secret weapon, or have them suddenly turn out to be genetically engineered with super strength, or find a magic cat that gives them psychic powers (all of which are actual examples)

  5. Mary Sue is a term of literary criticism.
    It means a character (usually female for weird reasons, but there are male versions too called Gary Stu) who is just too perfect. They are beautiful, smart, clever, kind, anachronistically in touch with 2019 California standards of morality, and everyone loves them, except the bad guys who even then can barely resist their charms.

    Another way to put it is that they are overpowered for the challenges they face. You can have super powered characters, but they have to face super challenges. You can’t have superman going up against an ordinary thug with a gun. (Superman is a well worked example of the sort of work required to NOT have a Garry Stu with a very powerful character, and sometimes they fail.)

    Mary Sue’s are a problem that arises a lot of the time when a beginner writer tackles subjects like magic, superpowers, future tech, because it’s so easy to just have the hero(ine) wave their hands and solve the problem they are facing. A number of quite good SF stories end up silly because the author is unable to resist giving their favourite character one more power, another 30% more strength, another spell… and now they either have to (continued)

  6. And now we’re bringing back the Emperor. You know. For reasons.

    Nevermind that the scale of the wreckage of the DSII is WAY off. Like, not by a little. That is like an 80km chunk of the thing and it’s BELOW THE HORIZON. Like, that is what an ISD looks like[as in The Force Awakens] when it is below the horizon. It should look like that ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE CONTINENT and the features would be barely visible due to the atmosphere.

    Seems minor but just another detail that the people now at the helm of this dumpster fire have no idea where to park the dumpster.

  7. I could actually watch a Thrawn show. Just take out the rest of everyone in Rebels and just have Thrawn swatting Rebels. I’d be happy with that.

  8. More or less, but your first point stands-
    It was a weekend of her swinging a lightsaber around and listening to hippsterized Luke complain about how the Jedi were wrong, were full of hubris, should never have gone into ‘Nam.
    You ruined Luke’s character, Rian Johnson. Everyone saw it and told it to your face, INCLUDING THE GUY WHO PLAYED HIM.

  9. Retconned into irrelevance.
    Remember that feeling of fear and anxiety of watching a spacetug crew get picked off by a completely mysterior, ALIEN creature whose motivations and origins you know NOTHING about?
    Yea, bout that- it was actually created by a megalomaniacal robo-Hitler[he even listens to teutonic music while orchestrating his genocidal tendancies]. All part of a huge experiment.
    Go home now. This one is done.

  10. Nah. I’ll stick to the superior Clone Wars.
    I’d rather watch the clone troopers fight it out than the diversity club and their struggles.

  11. Just want to recommend everyone to go see Alita Battle Angel instead, that movie has an extremely likeable protagonist and it’s just a mind blowing movie. Best I’ve ever seen.

    Star Wars is dead.

  12. If you hate the newer SW films, might it be because you’re an adult now but you’re still trying to force yourself to love an essentially children’s series?

  13. I can pick it apart on the trailer alone.

    1. The Light Saber blade, when it strikes a body, passes through without resistance. in this trailer, the red blade of whomever “bad” person (probably White) it is shone lifting a creature and flipping it backwards.

    2 Mary Sue does a Super flying force flip to take out a flying A-Wing, a feat never even hinted at by the battles of Obe Wan or Luke. Catch flying objects or redirect them? Yes. Uber Jedi Master Yoda catching heavy objects or with intense prep and concentration, lifting an X-wing, yes.


  14. “Femme Wars….Mary Sue.” I’m trying to figure out what this line is trying to say, aside from its author just hating that main character is female, because it’s not 1950 anymore and that would be ridiculous.

  15. Rewatched the trailer-
    Yep, that is the DSII wreckage there.
    So…the DSII was 160km in diameter. The superlaser, around 1/4th that[40km]. So they have an 80km chunk of it[presumably on Endor].
    So…how is this UNDER the horizon? Something THAT big would be on the OTHER side of the horizon and completely hazy due to atmospherics.
    This isn’t off by a little. It’s off by ALOT. Like a one mile ISD would look that large under the horizon, like we saw in Force Awakens.

    Another indication that the people running this franchise have no idea what they were doing.

  16. When Yoda did that, he told Luke that Rey had all the knowledge already. And what he meant was, she’d stolen the books. They show them in her possession at the end, just for a couple seconds.

  17. It feels, to me, like they think they’re writing what they believe sells, with ZERO idea of what sells. Good plots often sell. So do awful ones, but bad stories don’t become international phenomena that continue to rake in piles of gold four decades after.

    And forty years from NOW, people likely won’t be asking. “Hey, remember the last three Skywalker movies?” Nope. They’ll be saying, “Man, remember ewoks? Good times.”

    Not necessarily because the acting or the characters were subpar, but because they pandered and didn’t make the nostalgia cut due to malnourished* plots.

    *Uncertain of why “malnourished” was used as an adjective here; just felt right.

  18. I need that, and a movie about Grand Admiral Thrawn. Also, a really, really, REALLY dark, Dark Forces trilogy, even if it retcons Rogue One (since that film retconned Dark Forces, screw you very much Disney). And something with EU Mara Jade. Actually, Disney, just gimmie back my EU and sell Star Wars to someone who gets it.

    I’ll keep the Vader scene at the end of Rogue One, though. I’m NEVER giving THAT back. MINE! *territorially cuddles the film strip and snarls like an angry chihuahua*

  19. Now Disney Corp. wrecked franchise they are bringing out the desperate fan-service.

  20. You are exactly right: the prime achievement of Disney is to make us indifferent to the star wars movies. I’m not even angry with the stupidity, just indifferent.

    But this *must* be a good way to loose money, right? Low enthusiasm means low sales of mechandise, which accounts for a large chunk of the profits. So Disney thinks pandering to SJW is more important than earning money….

  21. In the Star Wars Canon Thrawn, Ahsoka, Ezra, and Sabine are on the other side of the galaxy, time to bring them back.

  22. Wait, when did she learn all the Jedi-y ways? I saw the last movie (DVD) and Luke didn’t teach her a thing. And ghost Yoda burned down the Jedi texts using force lightning.

  23. My first childhood memory is of watching Episode IV on the big screen.

    Watching this trailer, I don’t feel a thing. This franchise is dead to me.

  24. The only thing worse than any disappointment from “New Wars” is the endless whining about it. Put me in the camp of going to movies ignoring all trailers, spoilers, critics, rumors. And just enjoying whatever it is for whatever it’s worth. Especially Sci Fi, because (IMHO anyway; why are you still reading this?) it’s the hardest genre to do justice to.

    Except maybe art house type films but they’re beyond the realm of criticism, so those dont count.

    I heard from I forget what first hand source (which I only recall seemed semi credible at the time) that Lucas went from THX to Clone Wars in no small part *because* mainstream audiences couldn’t appreciate non commercial cinema.


    In a future time in a galaxy far far away, people (descendant from a species that got a clue and engineered itself from natural blink-and-you’re-dead lifespan) have the luxury of living among artists that don’t have to worry about running out of time before exploring (and revisiting) all their “phases”.
    And oh yeah, artists don’t have put up with fucking executives telling them to put big tits and tight pants on everything. Believe it or not.

  25. Coming from a long tome Alien fan Fox and Ridley Scott nuked the Alien franchise before selling to Disney.

    Another movie IP franchise that has reduced itself to irrelevance. Almost like it is a trend.

    1. get multi billion IP franchise
    2. mess it up

    Star Wars, Trek, DCEU, Aliens, etc. almost as if a generation of English majors taught nothing but critical literary theory can’t write good stories…

  26. Agree. Personally I really hope Disney decides to pursue the KOTR storyline with Vitiate, the Eternal Twins, etc.

  27. I am forced to agree. I technically hate all of Disney SW films…but Rogue One definitely didn’t hurt to watch like the others.

  28. Star Wars will try to win back fans this Christmas with the Star Wars Episode IX.

    Oh god! You mean, Disney will screw it all up even more.

  29. Indeed. Jyn Erso was a believable and likable hero for whom things were hard to get, who fought for them and that put her life in the line. Not an over-special character with plot shields that can do everything easily just because.

    They ruined Han Solo badly too, of all things. And that one not because of some bad plotting or sugarcoating it for modern audiences (plot-wise it was OK for me), but due to simple contempt and underestimating their public’s intelligence.

    Nothing to do with having Gregory Benford or Greg Bear doing quasi-hard sci/fi novels for the old Star Wars EU!

  30. Rian Johnson was trying to subvert expectations.

    And he did it wrong.
    Infinity Wars did it right.

    Mysterios bad guy? Kill him off.
    Origins of the protagonist? Totally meh.
    Gonna go in a different direction and “let the past die”? Nah…screw you. We’re gonna do the same thing.

  31. For real. The casino thing was totally unnecessary, and Benicio del Toro was utterly wasted. He did what he could for his character, I’ll give him that. But the character could have been given more to do. Like well, ANYTHING more than what was written.

    Also, why kill off Snoke when there’s so much room for character development?

    As for Daisy Ridley, I think perhaps she’s going to be one of those actors that people see only as Rey for a while. They’ll remember only her acting in those films and the few she did in between, and think, “She’s pretty, but meh.” And then she’ll come out of left field with some academy award-worthy performance and will never be looked at the same way, again.

  32. Can we just have a full length film about the clone troopers?
    They’re almost the only canon thing that has come out in like 20 years that is even remotely interesting.
    I mean, as a substitute for this non-sense.

  33. Yeah, when Disney bought Licasfilm, I kinda felt like millions of valid plot devices cried in terror, and were suddenly silenced. Same thing is happening to the Alien franchise.

    They can’t make the horror of Alien suitable for kids of all ages, so they’ll probably scrap it. Sickens me.

  34. Well, that is understandable. Her acting sucks though.
    But yea…you know what I want in a SW movie? A 45 minute subplot on a casino planet that leads to absolutely nowhere[well, except for the resistance getting completely destroyed[thanks Del Toro].
    And throw some anti-capitalism, anti-military, animal activism preaching in there, just to date it.
    yea. Great idea. Thanks Rian Johnson.

  35. I did feel kinda meh about VII. But then VIII came along and I thought, “Thisbhas to be a bad joke… who let this plot line stick?!”

    Other than that, I’m biased because I have a supermegacrush on Daisy Ridley. xD

  36. The old Extended Universe was far better, despite its many weird or quirky detours (Mara Jade, the many revivals of Palpatine, the Yuuzhan Vong, etc.).

    But all that’s down the fanfic drain now.

    Thanks Disney.

  37. Femme Wars: Episode 9 The Adventures of Mary Sue

    Thanks but I will pass after that massive let down in 2017.

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