Tesla May Build the Model Y Under a Tent in Fremont

Tesla announced their terrible financial results in the first quarter in their earnings call. They had $700 million in losses.

Other information from the Tesla call:

The Model Y could be built under a tent in Fremont but the Gigafactory is a possibility. They are also looking at converting warehouse space in Fremont for the Model Y. A tent may not be neeeded.
The Tesla semi should start production 2020 and the production will likely be at the Gigafactory.

Written By Brian Wang

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  1. And you can afford good suits and good haircuts. Steroids are old tech though. If he were doing something, there are other things like HGH. Though, it is usually older men who use HGH to look young. For Elon, I think it is just natural. Born lucky. Mom’s a model.

  2. I think it takes either driven high appetite people (probably a lot of dopamine in their system), or very fearful people to be dissatisfied multimillionaires who work their buts off to be billionaires. Once you have say 50-100 million dollars, the list of things you can’t do is very small.

    Elon is good looking because his mother was a model. And his dad appears to have had appetites too.

    And I suspect he is as bright as he is because his mother was also a nutritionist. Though, I don’t think he is incredibly brilliant, just very good at attracting talent to work for him. He hasn’t personally invented anything as far as I know. He has written some software.

    It is also not unusual for attractive people to have success.

  3. They’d probably benefit from moving both manufacturing AND design to a more corporate friendly venue, in terms of basic economics, but ticking off the state of California when your product is electric cars is not a smart move.

    “Blue” state governments can be very vengeful, none more so than the People’s Republic of Kalifornia. And the opportunities for regulatory retaliation are pretty extensive.

  4. I think the simplest explanation is once you’re that rich, you have a personal chef, personal trainer, etc. with excellent credentials. You eat the best foods, and have your own personal spa, private gym, etc.

    As for success with the young ladies, money explains that all by itself, and is also known to provide a libido boost.

    As YellowMoustache said, steroids are not good for your skin, and contrary to your statement provide almost no health benefits beyond building muscle. I do hope you’re not actually a doctor…

  5. I’d say that the skin thing is the flaw. Your skin doesn’t get better on anabolics, it gets much worse. Usually with acne. Corticosteroids help the skin for conditions like eczema, but can still cause acne also and don’t help muscle buildup. Bezos is almost definitely on them, though. Musk looks more like a cosmetic surgery and PT job.

  6. Doubt they will seeing how CA gave them $90 million to use the NUMMI plant.

    In all seriousness locating manufacturing next to design is necessary for Tesla because they aren’t that good at manufacturing and need to send the Emperor of Man down the assembly line floor to lay hands on the equipment so that the machine spirits will do His bidding.

  7. Thanks for explaining why I love SpaceX and am kinda “meh” on Tesla.

    I want Tesla to succeed but their management is a total clown show.

    1. Making tent factories in CA still involves lots of regulations- state and federal.
    2. Don’t like numbers for car names? Ask BMW and Mazda.
    3. Tents still reek of desperation. Again the NUMMI plant is nowhere near full production capacity why make a tent? I suspect that it is because they are trying to get the Y out double plus ASAP (I don’t blame them on this, it looks like a winner).
  8. There is some logic behind Tesla naming its cars Model S 3 X Y, too bad Ford has the trademarks on Model E.

  9. The chief difference between Tesla and SpaceX, (Aside from the fact that selling stock in Tesla meant he lost a lot of control) is that cars are a mature, yet competitive market, where you have to start out being at the top of the game on production efficiency and quality control to be even vaguely competitive.

    Space launch was a sick industry rife with cost plus contracts and crony capitalism, where a little innovation would put you ahead of the existing players, and one fatal defect in 20 launches wasn’t awful. Not like cars, where one fatal defect in 2 million would destroy your reputation. Plenty of people had good ideas there, but the need for startup capital was preventing new competitors. Elon had that.

    I think he’s correctly identified tunnel drilling as more like space launches than cars, due to the tiny number of large tunnels being drilled.

    But the electric garden tools? Halfway case, the market is competitive, but not nearly as reliant on fantastic levels of quality control as cars.

  10. I know just how you feel, I am a little jealous of Elon to. Obviously we are smarter than him, it’s just that mom loved him best,

  11. “He also was going to land Dragon 2 on land using thrusters…then changed his mind for a (much worse) ocean landing, which is very corrosive, and likely the reason behind the Dragon 2 vehicle blowing up a few days ago, my money is on a corroded valve. ”

    NASA changed his mind. They were quite insistent on the topic, and are the chief customer for the Dragon 2. So he really didn’t have any choice in the matter.

  12. There’s a theory floating around that he (along with many of the other big tech billionaires) looks like he’s doing anabolic steroids.

    Compare their photos to when they were 25. They were skinny little nerds, now they are solid, muscular, with squarer jaws and other masculine characteristics. And their skin and health is great, as though they were on ‘roids.
    And they are prone to aggression, excess self confidence, and even running off with hot young ladies. As though they had a teenager’s hormone profile.

    The health benefits are well established. The opportunity is clearly available (even legally) to someone with a billion dollars in modern California, and the side effects are also matching what we see.

    I can’t say if this is correct. I wouldn’t know. But I can’t spot a flaw in the argument.

  13. Sorry, but no. Mercedes has a clear, logical structure to their names that means that, even though I’ve never heard of a CLS500 I still know what it is.
    CL it is a coupe
    S one of the big, heavy luxury coupes
    500 it has a big engine, either a 5 litre V8 or something slightly smaller but turbocharged to make it drive like a 5 litre V8

    That fuzziness about the engine size is a clear indication of German decadence in the 21st century (BMW has exactly the same rot) but it still tells me what sort of car it is.

    The bad players are the ones who give a car a random number a and letter code that provides no information at all. A Chrysler 300? Is it a 300 cubic inches, a 3 litre engine? Who knows?

  14. Hmm – lots of empty factories/warehouses out there, thanks to out-sourcing. Of course, they’ve mostly been empty for quite a while now, so maybe lots of updates.

  15. Again, I love the guy, but he is terrible at running companies.
    The Boring company to still very new, so were still in the early stages of him flip flopping on things 10 times over.
    He doesn’t actually own a hyperloop company, but the boring company is clearly going to utilize hyperloop pods & trains (maglevs…as everyone else calls them), and shorter distances he will leverage Tesla’s tech for electric skateboards that you park on, or he’ll make a separate vehicle…he doesn’t yet know.
    SpaceX is a great company, dreaming big, although he has drastically shrunk the Spaceship down, from when it was called Interplanetary Transport Ship.
    He also was going to land Dragon 2 on land using thrusters…then changed his mind for a (much worse) ocean landing, which is very corrosive, and likely the reason behind the Dragon 2 vehicle blowing up a few days ago, my money is on a corroded valve.
    Gwynne Shotwell is a big reason SpaceX is doing so well. But even she has a very hard time handling crazy Elon.
    The solar City acquisition was a mistake, a money drain, and continues to be. Solar City would of went bankrupt if is wasn’t for the Tesla acquisition (aka: Elon bailing out his cousin). He’s all over the place, and now he wants to make a leaf blower…WHY!? I can name half a dozen companies off the top of my head that make electric leaf blowers!

    The guy is a great inventor/engineer, and I hope he lives to be 100.
    But you cannot deny he’s as scatterbrained as they come.

  16. The tents are very fast & cheap to setup…less regulations involved, and it a place like California, that’s a big deal.
    Also, your cars names are terrible.
    They should begin to give their vehicles actual names. Much like Ford. People like normal names, like Mustang, Ranger, Escape, Explorer, Transit…etc. The worst is Mercedes, people wont remember what a CLS550 is, it’s very forgettable.

  17. I noticed that. His fumbling of the boring company, spacex, solar city, starlink, hyperloop and openAI to name a few of his companies proves it. They make way to MUCH money! The only one that seems to be in trouble all the time, is the only one overseen by a branch of the U.S. government(SEC). It’s almost like there are people in America that want tesla to fail so they can make money shorting the stock, no matter how it hurts the USA. Or as if the SEC was influenced by the big three automakers to cripple tesla, once again no matter how it hurts the USA.
    I hope these are not the case but it sure seems like it.

    BTW I am NOT a conspiracy theorist! I don’t believe any of the people are acting in concert, they are just putting themselves in the way of what is best for America for their own gain.

  18. How is “We plan on building our next generation crossover in a tent” meant to come across as good news?

    Not as if they haven’t seen this vehicle coming or as if the NUMMI plant is running at capacity.

    Maybe they are just doing whatever it takes to get the model Y to production a few months early.

    Also the names of the cars are really awful. I’d go with:

    Model 1: roadster
    Model 3: model 3
    Model 4: model Y
    Model 7: model S
    Model 8: model X

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