Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory Has Metal Wall and Roof Framing

Video’s and pictures from Tesla’s Shanghai Gigafactory show metal wall and roof framing. The factory building and site appear on track for May 2019 completion. Tesla will keep up the construction speed to build automotive assembly line as fast as possible. Cars produced from the Shanghai factory will be able to avoid tariffs.

Only two months ago, the Tesla Shanghai site was dirt.

Elon Musk had remarked that the Fremont assembly line that was built under a tent was put together in three weeks.

Initial setup of vehicle production equipment will start this May. Tesla will likely start setting up production while other parts of the building are being completed.

It would make sense for Tesla to setup assembly and production lines as quickly as they were setup for the Fremont tent line.

SOURCES- Chao Zhou Twitter, Youtube
Written By Brian Wang, Nextbigfuture.com

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