Tesla Will Reduce Wiring in Cars From 1800 Meters to 100 Meters

Sandy Munro of Munro & Associates talks more about Tesla car technology, future plans and what Tesla is doing in China. Munro specializes in design for manufacturability and gets paid to tear down cars to find ways to improve costs, quality, design and manufacturing.

At 13.5 minutes Sandy says that Tesla is reducing the wiring in its cars from 1800 meters to 100 meters. This would mean Tesla will only have power wiring. Communication will be wireless. They will use Bluetooth or some other short-range communication.

Tesla received granted land in China and is getting official government assistance to build the factory.

Sandy says Tesla’s engineering is top notch.

At 23.5 minutes, they discuss how China is able to build so quickly. Chinese builders can start building even before final plans have been built. They can know where pilings are supposed to go and they can proceed based upon what they know will not be changing.

It is believed that Telsa will use CATL as the source for China built Tesla cars.

Panasonic, Samsung and the entire industry is moving factories and manufacturing to China for electric cars and electric car related components.

At 29 minutes, Sandy discusses the financial and other incentives for electric cars in China. In China, non-electric cars require people to pay 20,000 for a lottery chance to be allowed to buy a vehicle.

There are 380 car companies in China.

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