US Offers Members of Venezuela’s Military a Deal if They Switch to Rebel Side

Venezuela might be in the regime change endgame and a new phase in the ongoing crisis.

The US has threatened Cuba with full and complete sanctions and has offered members of Venezuela’s military the opportunity to get a deal if they switch sides.

In early 2018, Nextbigfuture predicted that Venezuela’s economy would deteriorate so that less than 1 million barrels per day of oil would be exported and there would be a military coup or regime change. The prediction optimistically thought this would happen by the end of 2018. However, it has taken longer for the situation to develop and there is still uncertainty how events will play out.

At least 71 people were injured in Tuesday’s clashes and taken to a hospital in Caracas, according to Magia Santi, president of Salud Chacao Medical Center.

Of those 71 people taken to the hospital:

43 were injured by rubber bullets
Two were treated for gunshot wounds
21 were treated for traumatic injuries
Three suffered respiratory injuries
One fainted
One suffered a hand injury

SOURCES- Twitter, US Government, Venezuela Juan Guaidó
Written By Brian Wang

16 thoughts on “US Offers Members of Venezuela’s Military a Deal if They Switch to Rebel Side”

  1. That is a bit simple of you to think that, it just would not work with the economy there the way it is. The Venezuelan government would run quickly out of Yuan to pay the people that keep it in power. At least with the mickey mouse Bolivar, they can put a couple of millions into every mans pocket and still print more.
    On my desk here, I have a pretty crisp note of $10 billion from Zimbabwe. I bought it in a Cape Town flea market for about US $ 2. No Bank would even give me a cent for it.
    After the currency collapsed completely, Zimbabwe used the US $ as payment. But there were never enough $ around to pay everybody. so they introduced “bond notes” on par with the US $. 3 weeks after introduction the bond notes were worth only 30 cents…..

  2. At least we did’nt send little green men in. We used words and diplomacy. Have you no conscience to what is right?

  3. US will not step in militarily as it would be unpopular and general election is coming soon. “Colectivos” are not really loyal to anyone but they are stronger than Venezuela’s weak military.

    Venezuela is reaching that point where it can no longer be governed by anyone.

  4. This is a Kermitt Roosevelt procedure funny no-one ever wises up. Look up how the shah of Iran was put on the throne. DITTO!!!!

  5. How are nuclear weapons a factor in this situation again?  Russia is going to start a nuclear war, and burn to the ground as a result, to keep oil prices high? And if you think nuclear weapons are a factor than why is Russia risking direct confrontation with the US by putting its soldiers there? Is Putin suicidal maniac or dumb?

  6. Oil and Gold,still it doesn’t seem right. Too bad smaller countries like Venezuela don’t use Chinese Yuan for currency kinda hard to devalue that and I don’t think the Chinese would mind. Stability that’s the key to any joyful life.

  7. Strategically you are correct: that small band of Russian soldiers is hopeless to accomplish anything if the U.S. wanted to use force. If we were to, theoretically, say that nobody would use nuclear weapons, the entirety of the Russian military would be hopeless to stop a use of force by the U.S. in Venezuela.

    …however, Russia is basically banking on the idea that the U.S. will avoid a direct military confrontation (a good bet). Putting troops on the ground in Venezuela is a pretty good gambit for Russia: they get to stick it to the Americans while reducing global oil supply (Putin figured out long ago that Maduro doesn’t know how to run a country and that keeping him in power will doom Venezuela’s oil production).

  8. US can not allow Putin’s dirty hands in its backyard.  Monroe Doctrine should be upheld.  If we have to use boots on the ground we need to do it.  Russia can not supply its small force in there.  Too far.  Russia has no supply ships or even enough air lift capacity for that.

  9. The US has officially gone insane ! How can the “leadership” of a nation be so hypocritical, vile and generally criminal and get away with the things they do around the world ?

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