Will New Nuclear Reactors Displace Coal?

There was a highly optimistic article at Global Asia about China installing an added 238 GW of new nuclear power by 2030. However, the author seems to finding that China has 43 nuclear reactors under construction today. China only as 13 nuclear reactors under construction today. Although 12 nuclear reactors are scheduled for approval and the start of construction by the end of 2019. China recently approved the licensing and construction start for four Hualong 1000 MWe nuclear reactors. Conventional large nuclear reactors could be increased to 100-150 GW by 2030 in China. China will need an additional 50-100 GWe from the deep pool thermal heating reactors. The first DHR-400 could be completed by 2021. This could be used to heat homes and water in northern cities. The DHR-400 could be built very quickly.
The IAEA Small Modular Reactor 2018 publication reviews all of the small nuclear reactor projects in the world. In 2018, there were more than 50 SMR designs under development for different application. Three industrial demonstration SMRs are in advanced stage of construction: in Argentina (CAREM, an integral PWR), in People’s Republic of China (HTR-PM, a high-temperature gas cooled reactor) and in the Russian Federation (KLT40s, a floating power unit). They are scheduled to start operation between 2019 and 2022. In addition, the Russian Federation have already manufactured six RITM-200 reactors (an integral PWR) with four units already installed in the Sibir and Arktika icebreakers, to be in service in 2020. China’s HTR-PM should start operation this year. The DHR-400 has planned a commercial operation in 2021. The CAREM 30 MWe reactor has a planned criticality of 2022.


Written By Brian Wang, Nextbigfuture.com

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