AI Will Conquer Humor and Creativity

Dilbert Creator Scott Adams describes how Artificial Intelligence can easily conquer humor and creativity.

Most people think AI will not be creative and that artistic and creative jobs will be safer in the future. People believe this because most do not understand the creative process.

Creativity is actually rapidly discarding bad ideas and being able to identify good ones. There are also rules and formulas for what has worked in the past.

Adams came up with a formula for jokes a few years ago.

He described six dimensions of humor.

Jokes need to include at least two of those dimensions.

This is easily programmed.

AI would look at what topics were trending on social media in order to determine topics for jokes.

The AI would be able to review all known jokes to understand which ones are successful.

The AI could then perform rapid testing with small groups of people to determine which news jokes work. This would be an automated version of comedians testing jokes and sets at comedy clubs.

Adams also points out that there are only about 100 different jokes. There is likely some overlap with the 100 unique joke structures and this list of the top 100 jokes that shaped modern comedy.

SOURCES -Scott Adams, Vulture