Brexit Party Could Win in UK Election and Trudeau Will Likely Lose in Canada

A new Opinium/Observer poll shows both major British parties have lost vote share: Labour has lost ground to the Lib Dems and Greens, while the Conservatives are losing ground to the Brexit Party who have reached 21%.

The Brexit Party has taken a strong 13-point lead in the latest poll for the European Parliament elections.

Canada’s Election

There has to be a 2019 Canadian federal election on or before October 21, 2019. The announcement will be about 2-3 months before the election.

The Conservative has been leading since February. The current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau would only remain if the Liberal Party wins. Current, polling indicates it is over 2:1 that Conservatives will win.

46 thoughts on “Brexit Party Could Win in UK Election and Trudeau Will Likely Lose in Canada”

  1. I think you mean metric kickball, not real football. ‘Murica rules real football because of Black Christians.

  2. In the 1770s individuals can and did have weapons that could mow down dozens of people and they used many of hem against the British.
    Its not a bad thing to not have historical weapons knowledge but to base political arguments on that lack is

  3. Right, who cares if some hundred people are blown to pieces or squashed under some truck? All part of every day modern life… I don’t take any lessons about my grasp on reality from a deluded fool.

  4. The US has a lot more people shot dead on any average weekend than France did during their worst terrorist attack. And you can blame the Notre Dame fire on muslims if you like, but it will only encourage more doubts about your grasp on reality.

  5. “go tell this to the families thousands of civilians you have murdered in Iraq an their families.” – right go tell that to your Isis friends.

  6. What about the terrorist attacks, the vandalizing of hundreds of churches, the burning of Notre Dame?? very neat, hey?? One more thing: MAGA!! Trump 2020!

  7. Well, France are the world football champions, and 17 of their 23 man side are immigrants or children of immigrants. They had a guy from Mali going viral lately – he climbed about five stories up the outside of a building, to save a baby hanging off a balcony. Macron gave him a medal and a job with the fire brigade. Anyway, the yanks can’t sneer at the canucks’ taste in leaders, when they’ve elected a casino operator who managed to lose a billion dollars, and who brags about groping women.

  8. I assume you’re referring to FDR. You’re right, he was a national socialist/fascist.

  9. I’m a Libertarian who is absolutely convinced that I am the product of billions of years of mutation, genetic recombination, and natural selection. I’m also sure the planet is older than 5 to 10 thousand years.

  10. You forgot the left ignoring science when it’s the statistically significant correlation between IQ, and “race”, and twin studies showing that genetic factors have greater effect on IQ than who raises the child.
    They ignore the fact that you can have equality of opportunity, without equality of outcome.

  11. 30 of 50 states went to Trump. I see you had to go back 5 elections to a second term election to find a wider margin.
    Considering the entire corporate media, and Republican establishment was against him, nearly every political pundit was blindsided by the win, and the huge fraudulent vote emanating from democrat run cities, it was a huge landslide.
    BTW, I predicted the win a week before the election, and even explained why the media would be wrong
    in it’s predictions before the election.

  12. 30 of 50 states went to Trump, and that’s counting the fraudulent votes as well.

  13. To a point yes. But we are not in a position anymore to have reckless semi fascist leaders to manage world affairs. We now have fire power that can bring total devastation to humanity.

  14. Who says the says the left ignore economics. Government budgets are not the same as personal budgets they don`t depend on a fixed income like personal budgets. Bill Clinton payed off the debt and the US went into recession in 2008. Budgets are fine when you stimulate the economy by investing in infrastructure or Green New Deals or in education or research but not in tax cuts for the wealthy as Harper and Trump did. All that does is allow the wealthy to do is buy back their own shares and store their money in overseas tax havens and bank accounts. As far sociology is concerned conservatives ignore that and just throw people in jails instead of trying to find the root causes of crimes.

  15. Who is not independent? Apart from Northern Ireland, of course and may be Falklands? How independence fit in with the European Union at play? Would you forfeit pound in favor of euro? Seriously?
    Regarding foreign policy, what would you like to change? I mean US itself doesn’t have a consistent foreign policy? What sort of foreign policy would you like UK as part of EU to exercise?

  16. Most likely any trigger happy nutter was mowed down pretty quickly by his neighbors before he could even act on a theater full of people.

    Back then the backup plan after good manners were bullets, not counselors.

  17. Well, we are considered nutty because we don’t subscribe to the post modern neoMarxist relativist’s axioms: 1.) the only absolute truth is that there is no absolute truth (self contradictory)…and 2.) all interpersonal and intertribal interactions are essentially power plays.

    This is fed by valid claims. But the base claim that the current hierarchy (therefore payscales and access to resources) is not based on competancy/productivity…it is based on the white Male patriarchal tyranny (all white men are born evil) and too many at the bottom are left out (and, it’s true that too many are left out).

    Sadly, none of their prescriptions work. Trying to raise groups fails. Raising individuals does work, but individualism is anathema to today’s liberals (sic).

    Liberal (sic) theory is crap. I grew up with no advantages. And I only want the absolute best for all women…especially all the very strong women I love (wife-sisters-daughter-mother…who have all done very well in vocations that they love).

    It’s a really big problem that we have two very powerful tribes that cannot talk to each other. Liberals (sic) believe that debate itself is a slanted tool used by the hierarchy in which the tyranny has set all the rules. That’s why they feel justified shouting down speakers. With free speech off the table, what’s left?

  18. When the US constitution was written, they didn’t have weapons that a lone nutter could buy, and use to mow down a whole theatre full of his fellow citizens. Australians can still buy guns if they want to shoot rabbits or roos, just not large numbers of their fellow Australians. Dry your eyes and catch up with the twenty-first century.

  19. So Canada is going to elect their version of trump and the GOP ?? So give it another year trump will probably be re-appointed so how long until you just join the countries and have the North America kingdom with trump as king?

  20. Australia used to be cool. A nation of scoundrels and cons – all freedom loving and filled with pioneer spirit. Now a nation of namby pamby liberals who gave up their gun rights. It breaks my heart to see another nation sell off its freedom to the government.

  21. So the left is the party of rational folks even though they ignore economics, history, sociology, and yes, even biological and nuclear science.

    Also, as for the issue of global warming… um I mean climate change the thing that bothers me the most as a “right wing nut” is that leftist have turned the science into pure religious dogma. I have changed my position on the subject 8 times since the 80s, yet to the left the “science is settled” and to question is heresy. They deny any contrary evidence and determinedly worship at a secularist alter where all descent must be silenced – sounds very scientific to me.

    Finally, I am all for reducing CO2 in the atmosphere because of ocean pH shifts. Sadly many of you lefties are all against solutions that would actually work AND get support from the right. MSRs and iron fertilization of the ocean deserts would do just fine. However, nukes are one more thing that the left has ignored the science on and turned it into more religious dogma – nukes are “evil”. The evidence on iron fertilization was obtained by a rich white guy who one day decided why not try an experiment. Since he was not the government and did something very entrepreneurial, best to demonize such actions. Science and experimentation must only be done through the proper authorities – the priesthood of the state and Universities.

    So in your world, it is the right who are the nutty deniers.

  22. I think he means electoral college – 304 to 227 was fairly respectable, DK that I’d call it a landslide. Now Reagan – 525 to 13 in ’84, THAT was a landslide, though still only 59% of the popular vote.

  23. I predict that Canada’s stock markets could surge as a result of a Conservative victory, just as US markets did in the period following Trump’s victory.

    But since Canadians are highly imitative of their neighbors south of the border – can you tell me which Conservative leader will soon be accused of colluding with Russia? Which “smoking gun” will be unveiled to declare that Putin has rigged Canada’s federal elections? It’s only a matter of time before the Left play that card – because that’s all they have left to play. Perhaps in Canada the dynamics are slightly different due to its parliamentary system and the cult of multiculturalism which has long gripped public discourse in that country. identity Politics would be a highly useful tool for the Canadian Left, but still the Russia card would be very tempting, even if only to explain why they lost at the ballot box.

  24. I would have thought that an article about the upcoming British and Canadian elections would mention that Australia goes to the polls this Saturday.

    Though it looks like the maybe a bitleft wing (ish) Labor party is going to take power over from the Sorta kinda slightly right wing Liberal/National coalition.

  25. Trump won but I can’t agree that 47% of the vote was a “landslide”

    The point about surveys is a good one though.

    “Hi! I’m a representative from some organisation you’ve never heard of, or maybe the media who you have heard of and know how very heavily we support one side of all political arguments, mostly the one you don’t like.

    Today we are having a survey. Don’t worry, these answers will be completely confidential. All those stories you hear every week or so about millions of people having so called confidential data leaked to the world, they won’t apply to us, because we are different!

    Also, don’t worry about those stories you hear every week about people losing their jobs, having bank accounts closed, and being sued for millions because they have bad political opinions. We can safely ignore such stuff.

    Anyway, please fill in your honest opinion on these controversial questions, even if it is an opinion of exactly the sort that people are losing their jobs over.”

    4 weeks later

    “Why do people lie to us? It must be because they are evil racist sexist realist scum who deserve to be hounded to death! Maybe if we tell everyone how much we hate them and want to destroy them they’ll be more honest next time?”

  26. They elect a dance instructor and part time ski instructor who can cry on cue and what do you expect. The guy claims that Canada has no culture so they should be overwhelmed with immigrants from Muslim countries. Ask France how that is working out for them.

  27. Well when they ignore science and the fact of climate change. Now that is more than enough reason to call them nutty.

  28. Nutty conservatives? What (in your opinion) makes them nutty? this is a serious question BTW.

  29. Yes Trudeau was a big fraud. He came in promising “Real Change” and we got “no change” and a bigger debt. He promised Proportional Representation which never happened. In a multiparty system you can`t get a real majority you get someone who is elected with 30% or 40% of the vote not enough to form a majority. However if have proportional representation you have an election of representatives equal to the popular vote you can still have a majority if you have more representatives the other parties or if you form a coalition with one of the other parties. For all his promises we got no change. He went to the climate summit in France and came away with all kinds of promises that he was going to fight climate change yet when he got back he went oil summit in Texas and promised the world to them and he told them someone would be crazy to leave the oil in the ground to hundreds of cheering oil barons. Which leaves us with the those nutty conservatives again which was why people voted for Trudeau in the first place. They have promised no holds barred on oil and an end to carbon taxes. The only hope we have is the GREEN party who won a byelection two days ago has been steadily gaining support all across Canada.

  30. When polled on issues where the mainstream media relentlessly condemns citizens on one side of an issue, the condemned tend to lie about their position, and the questions are usually designed to benefit the favored side. That’s why Trump won in an electoral landslide, and the majority if illegal voting is ignored, despite the vast majority of the polls predicting his loss.
    The British corporate media relentlessly opposes BrExit, and vilifies its supporters, so give the pro exit side four, or five point over polling results. The good thing about the mandated by the electorate, but not executed exit, is that it shows what politicians need to go home and get real jobs, since they can’t bring themselves to do theirs as government officials.

  31. In general people do not like to be ruled by rulers who are not accountable to their population. So yes it makes sense that England would prefer a hard Brexit over living under the EU’s thumb.

    As for Trudeau well he is in some legal trouble and is something of a pandering clown.

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