Carnival of Space 613 – Super Alien Neutrino Communication

Carnival of Space 613 is up at Cosmoquest.

Universe Today – Advanced Civilizations Could be Communicating with Neutrino Beams. Transmitted by Clouds of Satellites Around Neutron Stars or Black Holes

Dr. Albert Jackson of the Houston-based technology company Triton Systems recently released a study where he proposed how an advanced ETI could use rely on a neutron star or black hole to focus neutrino beams to create a beacon.

Jackson suggests that a Type II civilization would be capable of enclosing a neutron star or black hole through the creation of a large constellation of neutrino-transmitting satellites.

To make use of neutrinos an advanced civilization can use a gravitational lens as a focus and amplifier. The lens can be a neutron star or a black hole. Using wave optics one can calculate the advantage of gravitational lensing for amplification of a beam and along the optical axis it is exceptionally large. Even though the amplification is very large the dimeter of the beam is quite small, less that a centimeter. This implies that a large constellation of neutrino transmitters would have to enclose the local neutron star or black hole to cover the sky. This means that such a beacon would have to be built by a Kardashev Type II civilization.

Universe Today – Small, Tough Planets can Survive the Death of Their Star.

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  1. The advantage – outside of the scope of imterstellar communication – is that with neutrino reception/transmission, you could have global communication on a medium almost entirely free of data loss, and transmitted from any point on the planet to any other point. Forget shrouds of satellite constellations and wire grids.

    Also, since we’re talking far future, if it could be miniaturized into a mobile device, we could eliminate the spook of having our bodies (and spirits?) Bathed in constant radiation.

  2. Only mid-20th Century brunettes.

    Aliens: “Damn – what happened? Where’s all the women?” Refers to pictures from 1950s. “They seem to be missing.”

    Earthlings: “Time marches on, man.” Shows latest edition of People magazine.

    Aliens: “Wow. You folks are friggin’ adaptable, aren’t you?”

  3. Computers cannot compute everything. It’s been proven. (See: ‘Halting problem’)
    Computers can compute anything computable given an infinite amount of time and memory. (it is relatively easy to construct example problems which require arbitrarily large amounts of either time or memory)

  4. After looking at his other posts I think it is a troll using GPT-2 possibly trained on youtube video titles and prompted with random words on the page including the advertisements. If someone were willing to put the time in perhaps we could engage them with our own adversarial network.

  5. A hypothetical civilization made of AIs or scanned minds (or both) living in virtual worlds would have several advantages over living squishy bags as interstellar travelers:

    • No living being needs, like food, atmospheric gases or living space other than their computing substrate and energy.
    • A tiny ship could be as abstractly spacious as they like (no enclosed space neuroses). And very populous (no social boredom).
    • A tiny computronium ship can be accelerated or braked way more than a crewed spaceship, and be much faster compared to a hulking biological worldship, and better shielded against radiation and collisions.
    • Being basically computers, they can hibernate for extended periods of time and have subjective time fly as fast as they like. Very short subjective travel times.

    So beyond the risk of too much navel gazing, a civilization made of computers and sentient programs would in a better shape than us to become interstellar.

  6. peeps my goodness

    I find this topic absurd – here is why

    An advanced civilization has advanced computing

    We are nearly at singularity here on earth – so by advanced I assume you mean potentially thousands of years beyond earth

    So computers can compute anything – there is no requirement for any communication

    There is also no need for any form of space travel unless you system is going to blow up

    So spit the dummy & release your fixations – no neutrino communications, no dyson spheres. No multi solar system civilizations of trillions.

    Not at advanced level

  7. Actually, this Yeffen character seems to be sticking around. We’ve seen several posts from them, which appear(to my simple mind) to be quite different claims about equally nonsensical word salad.

  8. Yes, the Aliens want our women.

    Of course to an alien, an “Earth Woman” would include a hen, a mare and a cow.

    So if only we could communicate with them, some sort of deal might be arranged.

  9. So the one attraction of neutrinos is that they aren’t blocked by matter.

    Maybe in places where extensive dust clouds make photons unable to reach?
    Civilisations sheltering deep within planetary cores? (Sheltering from what?)

  10. “We puny humans…” That could be the point. Any sufficiently advanced aliens may refuse to interact with others that aren’t able to communicate on such a difficult platform. Us EM wave users could be the protozoa of the intelligent universe.

  11. Don’t discourage them too much, it remains possible all that balderdash is really genius level stuff your simple mind simply cannot fathom.

  12. Why neutrinos?  Seriously! 

    To sound fancy?

    Because otherwise photons are certainly better carriers of information.

    So much that we use them now.

    And by changing their frequency, you can get through a lot of dimming sources in the galaxy.

    These galactic communication hubs around white dwarfs, neutron stars or blackholes could perfectly use light to send messages across the galaxy.

    By the way, all this speculation sounds to me as “caveman scifi”, or the science fiction a caveman would do, with its level of knowledge about the world.

  13. LOL…

    The SciFi trope-of-all-time. Guard your women!!! Aliens want to experiment with them!!! Yargggghhhh!!! etc.

  14. Here’s the dea. 

    WHy neutrinos?  Seriously! 

    Do they propagate across spacetime faster than the speed of light?

    Are they free from the gravitational influences of dark matter?

    Will they “get through” spacetime when nothing else will?

    Are they emminently more controllable than EM wave?

    Is their wavelength such that they can be better focussed?

    In fact, there is nothing compelling about them at all. We puny humans have no way at present of creating a source of neutrinos that can be turned-on-and-off (modulated to contain information) in any timeframe except hours. Maybe there are faster methods. Maybe we can sort-of-make-beams.  

    BUT… insofar as Physics yet knows things, detection of neutrinos is a pot-shot. It takes a huge detector filled with millions of kilograms of hyperpure (name it: water, liquid xenon, chloroform, carbon tetrachloride, …) to detect one-in-a-gazillion neutrinos. Statistically.  

    Because they have this penchant for tunnelling RIGHT THRU EARTH as if we weren’t there. at all.  

    That does NOT make them terribly good communications candidates. 
    Thus… the story… is mostly science fiction.

    Just saying,
    GoatGuy ✓

  15. WTF is it with pseudo-scientific, pseudo-philosophic, pseudo-metaphysical word-salad types, anyway? Just stringing together endlessly long noodles of quixotic sounding balderdash isn’t right reason and true thought, friend. Seriously. 

    Schrödinger, almost without knowing the consequence of what he ‘discovered’, took apart a substantial amount of anecdotal (not quite: scientific in measurement and refinement of metric) data and synthesized a set of equations that’d more or less account for the observed orbital properties of The Elements, and in particular, the hydrogen atom. 

    And it turned out that the EMPIRICALLY DERIVED equations worked. 

    Not very well at first, but with a few dozen physicists thinking about it and making suggestions, The Equations of today.  

    Anyway, keep the word salad for Reddit and and other noodle friendly sites.

    Just saying,
    GoatGuy ✓

  16. Not sure they wouldn’t be interested in us. For good or bad, they might be quite interested in us, our home, our women, our orifices, etc..

  17. Always thought this was a bit silly. Any aliens we communicate with need to be at about our level of technology. As has been said “More advanced technology will seem like magic to us”. What that essentially means is we have no idea/way of understanding it at our present level of technology.
    Come to think about it, there could be many aliens talking to each other but each level of aliens would be using technology that is appropriate to them and not be able to communicate with the next level higher.

    I probably did not express my self well. A higher level civilization would have no interest in talking to a significantly lower civilization, while at the same time would not have the technology to talk to a higher level civilization.

  18. John M Smart – A.I., “Inner Space,” and Accelerating Change
    John M Smart 16:15
    Published on Jan 13, 2013

    NATURE INVERSE IN ON INTO YOUR VISION (is) with nature’s origin
    (of) di-synchronous time…arcs within light within nature’s tines…

    & fourwords.each.correlate one core + one to one+one to two = creation…equipollence?

    Quantum Mechanics: Schrödinger’s discovery of the shape of atoms
    How is it evidential, Crystal Vectored Light Starships podcast?

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