China Publishes Research on Competitive 3-Nanometer Chip

The best commercial computer chips have seven-nanometre transistors and a team in China led Professor Yin Huaxiang has developed 3nm transistors in the lab. Samsung, Intel, Samsung and Taiwan Semiconductor will all be commercially producing 3-nanometer chips in 2020 or 2021.

High-performance negative capacitance p-type FinFETs (p-FinFETs) with a 3-nm-thick ferroelectric (FE) hafnium zirconium oxides layer are fabricated based on a conventional high-κ metal gate FinFETs fabrication flow. The devices show improved subthreshold swing values and slight hysteresis voltages With the integrated FE film, a strong driving current enhancement (up to 260%) is also obtained compared with that of conventional FinFETs. The inherent reasons for the improved characteristics contribute to the low-interface state density (D it ) and the perfect channel electrostatic integrity.

SOURCES- South China Morning Post, IEEE Electron Device Letters