France’s Nuclear Buildout Was More Cost Effective Than 2018-2022 Solar and Wind

France built up nuclear power in 15 years using inflation-adjusted $330 billion to generated over 400 TWh of electricity for many decades. Global solar power only passed 400 TWh in 2017.

The first 1000 TWh of wind and solar required approximately $2.3 trillion of capital expenditure to deploy.

About three times more was spent on solar to reach the same level of power generation.

Global solar power is projected to go from 500 TWh in 2018 to about 900 TWh in 2022.
Global wind power is projected to go from 1200 TWh in 2018 to about 1600 TWh in 2022.

This will cost over $1 trillion in spending over 5 years and will add 800TWh. If France’s nuclear costs could be repeated $660 billion would add 800 TWh.

The solar and wind buildout does not include the cost of electrical grid buildout. Solar and wind farms need more new electrical grid because of the remote locations for solar and wind farms.

France builts its nuclear power in less than 15 years.

France completed construction on 76% of its current 58 reactors at an inflation-adjusted cost of $330 billion (€290 billion). The complete buildout of the 58 reactors was less €400 billion. Germany would need 50% more nuclear energy than France to completely replace all other power generation. This would cost €600 billion if Germany could match France’s build from the 1980s. Costs and safety regulations have increased even though France’s nuclear power has operated without incident for over 30 years. 80 nuclear reactors would now cost €1600 billion euros for Germany.