Fully 3D Printed Rocket Engine in Just 3 Parts and Full Printed Rocket in 60 Days

Relativity Space is working to 3D print the Terran 1 rocket in 60 days using laser printing and direct energy deposition. They will have a test flight in 2020 and will have commercial flights in 2021.

They use proprietary materials which are custom designed for printing. They are using stronger alloys designed to take advantage of Stargate’s printing physics. They have highly reliable materials for printing rocket structures and are using an in-house metallurgy and material characterization lab

Terran 1 Baseline:

1,250 KG TO 185 KM LEO

900 KG TO 500 KM SSO

700 KG TO 1200 KM SSO

List Price per launch: $10 Million

Price per kilogram, SSO: $11,000/KG

Price per kilogram, LEO: $8,000/KG

Ridesharing price : + 15%

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