Holo4Labs Makes Minority Report’s Mixed Reality Data Processing Real

Mixed reality data processing has moved from the realm of science fiction films like The Minority Report into real-life science labs, thanks to a recent Microsoft HoloLens app, announced by polish IT company Solution4Labs.

Solution4Labs will customize the HoloLens VR experience, using the Holo4Labs app. Abiding by principles of digital automation and mixed reality, the app interacts with the Microsoft HoloLens headset to produce a mixed reality representation of Sample Manager, a data processing information management software used by scientists on a day-to-day basis.

Digital automation means greater accuracy, better compliance, and data storage that is automatic.

Anything that reduces paperwork means better use of scientists’ time, fewer read/write errors and the elimination of filing errors.

The Microsoft HoloLens 2 is a mixed reality headset you can wear lets you wear your eye-glasses under it and is comfortable to wear all day long. It contains its own batteries and is totally wire-free.

The second model in the HoloLens series, features a HUD (Heads-up display) and overlays
holographic images on top of real-world lab equipment.

What is Mixed Reality?

Mixed reality uses augmented reality and virtual reality to control physical reality. Users see holograms and interface with these using hand gestures, voice commands, and eye movements to control equipment on the lab bench in front of them.

Implementing mixed reality in the lab, means that people can use the augmented reality interface of the Microsoft HoloLens headset to control what happens to their real-world samples on the bench in front of them.


Quality control is improved using Holo4Labs software because errors are reduced. Operators can follow a series of steps on their HUD, with the software recording every action meaning that failure to adhere to standard operating procedures (SOPs) are recorded, which allows managers to document compliance issues and initiate further training where necessary.

Other interesting implications are:
* Highly-paid scientists can do more hands-on work in a day because their clerical duties are automated
* Data is stored automatically, so misfiling, lost results and any consequent expenses are
* Everything is recorded. Operator handling errors are eliminated and chain-of-custody
procedures are improved and more reliable.
* Users can conduct sample testing without handling samples, reducing the possibility of
errors and contamination.
* Supervisors have real-time information and don’t have to wait for typed reports to be sent by busy lab staff.

Holo4Labs Integrations

Holo4Labs has been developed by Solution4Labs, from polish group TenderHut, the fastest-growing technology company in central-eastern Europe, according to FT1000 2019 rank. Holo4Labs is still under development and is being tested by Solution4Labs as a Thermo Fisher Scientific authorized distributor, to ensure it is fully compatible with their SampleManager LIMS (Lab Information Management Systems) software.

Holo4Labs is still under development and is being tested by Thermo Fisher Scientific to ensure it is fully compatible with their SampleManager LIMS (Lab Information Management Systems) software.


Mixed reality is a giant step for scientific workers in all kinds of labs, freeing them from the drudgery and mindless form-filling that takes up so much time. It reduces clerical errors, and makes it simpler for managers to trace errors that do occur.

A mixed reality interface is like giving each scientist three extra pairs of hands. It’s like employing a team of octopuses in terms of productivity gains.

Although the technology is a relatively high-cost investment, it will pay for itself at the enterprise level through increased efficiency in the lab environment.

11 thoughts on “Holo4Labs Makes Minority Report’s Mixed Reality Data Processing Real”

  1. Virtual autopsies and pre-surgery practice for doctors and med students
    sound like an obvious application .

  2. This will result in a world of mediocre experts and Manna.

    The AR gear can recognize its whereabouts, the tools you use and the parts they can interact with. It could tell you how to do most of the manual stuff done by job specialists nowadays.

    You’d be less proficient than a experienced worker, but good enough to deliver regardless of your training.

    Full replaceability!

    You simply will be the limb-donning warm-body that can obey and perform the tasks under the watchful eye of your AI manager watching through your glasses while sitting in the cloud.

    And immediately from there, fully automated performance management. With detailed metrics showing you are slower than the 90% percentile in the same role. With full automated/gamified encouragements and then, firings.

    McDos and many others will formalize their full business, turning it into a suite of design templates for the environment and into patterns for the employees to follow. Making even easier to have a bot doing it eventually.

  3. This is an interface that you stick on your own system to work with your own data. You could then chose to send that data to the department for politically correct thinking. If you wanted to.
    But in that case you should regard a keyboard as threatening too… because you could use it to enter data which you could then give away.

  4. Literally everything you do online and off that in anyway involves a financial transaction or online everything you look at or see.

    Hell when you do one of those DNA things like ancestory or 21and me etc you they get YOUR DNA and get to sell that information to whoever they wish.

  5. What do you mean by “Your data”?

    People throw those two words around a lot these days and I’m never quite sure exactly what it refers to.

  6. Yea, but that’s the Point I was making. The problem is this the whole thing works by collecting data…so guess what Your data is now the property of the government or whichever corporation now owns it. Got something that blocks that collection? Well that’s interfering with the police! Criminal!

    That also goes into all the problems of putting a whole bunch of people into little squares the government comes up with.

    That’s just the government. Corporations? Already there have been a bunch of Prison corps basically making a revolving door that uses loop holes in the law and systems of government to keep sending people back to jail for what is the same crime.

    This also ignores how that same information is being used to in effect control people at a level they aren’t even aware of and which is having a disastrous effect upon society and culture at large.

    People are complicated-People also seek to make complicated things Very simple….often by making them flawed.

  7. This is about a tool used in a couple of scenes, not the precrime detection thing that the plot was about.

  8. Am I the only one who got Why Minority report ended the way it did? Because the system was pretty freaking flawed.

    Jesus of course this is the same culture that was warned of cultural changed and pressures which would lead to Thought crimes being a thing and of course is going after it like a goal now.

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