Iron Man Is Beyond Current Tech But Armor and Weapons Upgrades Are Here

The $80 million Special Ops TALOS exoskeleton failed to develop real-life Iron Man exoskeleton armor. The energy systems and other technology are not ready. However, a dozen components will be developed.

Special Ops will spend $16 million to develop components like body armor, exoskeleton, internal battery pack, and vital systems monitoring technologies. These will make US special ops commandos into “Hyper-Enabled Operators.”

The biggest success is lighter body armor that will cover 44% of the body instead of 19 percent from current chest and back plates. The more than doubled protection will not weigh more than the chest and back plates. Special forces are already wearing the improved armor in combat situations.

Instead of just chest and back protection, lightweight vest armor systems will cover the entire torso and have long sleeves and armor shorts.

The Army is developing a better helmet. If successful it will weight 3 pounds instead of the 5 pounds and provide better protection. The best current helmets can provide protection against rifles and not just handguns.

* shirts that monitors heart rate and body temperature while also cooling overheated wearers are nearly ready
* cloud-based computing will be provided using secure communication links
* augmented reality will be projected on a heads-up display in the helmet
* small ankle and knee exoskeletons will help commandos to carry heavy loads

SOURCES- Twitter Scott Gourley, SOFIC 2019, Youtube, Military Times, Breaking Defense
Written By Brian Wang,