My Taste Test of the Impossible Burger – Vege Burger 2.0

I bought and tasted an Impossible Burger. I bought one for nearly $20 from the Counter, a custom burger restaurant. I and my family can confirm that the Impossible Burger looks and tastes like a real hamburger.

The Impossible Burger is about the same when compared to a regular beef burger in terms of health. The Impossible Burger tends to have more sodium and more fat (coconut fat) than regular burgers. The Vegeburgers are about ten times better on environmental impact as regular beef.

There are over 5000 restaurants selling the Impossible Burger. The cheapest version is $1.99 Impossible Slider from White Castle. There are only a few Burger Kings in the country offering an Impossible Whopper.

Impossible Foods uses soy leghemoglobin or “heme” to mimic meat taste. It is an iron-rich protein from soy plants mass-produced using yeast.

Impossible Burger just had another large funding round and has a valuation of about $2 billion.

They compete with Beyond Burger which also makes a new Vegeburger. Beyond Burger has a valuation of about $3 billion and sells burgers and meat at Target, Whole Foods and other grocery stores and some restaurants.

SOURCES – Impossible Burger, Personal Taste test
Written By Brian Wang,