MYRRHA Accelerator Driven Fission System Will Shorten Nuclear Waste Life by 1000 Times

MYRRHA is an accelerator-driven fission system (ADS) that is a part of a new European research infrastructure with allocated 558 M€ over period of 2019–2038. MYRRHA is intended to be fully operational in 2033, with a first phase (100 MeV accelerator) ready in 2026. The MYRRHA (Multi-purpose hYbrid Research Reactor for High-tech Applications) is a “first of its kind” design project of a nuclear reactor coupled to a proton accelerator (a so-called Accelerator-driven system (ADS)). MYRRHA will be a lead-bismuth cooled fast reactor.

The technology can shorten the lifespan of nuclear waste by 1000 times.

The BR2 reactor has flux 10^15 neutron per square centimeter per second. This is the highest flux in the world.

MYRRHA mains purpose is to develop a more efficient and cost-effective way to transmute nuclear waste.

MYRRHA – An Accelerator Driven System intended to demonstrate the ADS concept at pre-industrial scale. It will operate in critical and sub-critical modes and demonstrate transmutation. It is a multipurpose and flexible fast neutron source and irradiation facility.

600 MeV (4mA beam) Proton Accelerator and spallation target combined with 100MW-thermal K(eff) 0.95 solid-fuel reactor using LBE coolant.

SOURCES- MYRRHA, Youtube Gordon Mcdowell
Written By Brian Wang,