Partial Cellular Reprogramming to Reverse Aging in Cells

The top antiaging research at Sinclair’s lab is partial cellular reprogramming. He feels this is more powerful than senescent cell removal or calorie restriction. His lab in 2018 was able to regrow the optic nerve of a mouse.

Antiaging expert David Sinclair suggests the best option for improving longevity is to eat less. He skips breakfast and has a late lunch. He takes Metformin.

He takes Sirtuins and NAD enhancers.

Partial Cellular Reprogramming place resetting genes into cells and makes cells young again by reversing aging.

Genes and molecules can activate the bodies defenses against aging.

Sinclair thinks there is no biological limit to human antiaging and lifespan.

SOURCES- Youtube interview of Harvard’s David Sinclair.
Written By Brian Wang.