Partial Cellular Reprogramming to Reverse Aging in Cells

The top antiaging research at Sinclair’s lab is partial cellular reprogramming. He feels this is more powerful than senescent cell removal or calorie restriction. His lab in 2018 was able to regrow the optic nerve of a mouse.

Antiaging expert David Sinclair suggests the best option for improving longevity is to eat less. He skips breakfast and has a late lunch. He takes Metformin.

He takes Sirtuins and NAD enhancers.

Partial Cellular Reprogramming place resetting genes into cells and makes cells young again by reversing aging.

Genes and molecules can activate the bodies defenses against aging.

Sinclair thinks there is no biological limit to human antiaging and lifespan.

SOURCES- Youtube interview of Harvard’s David Sinclair.
Written By Brian Wang.

10 thoughts on “Partial Cellular Reprogramming to Reverse Aging in Cells”

  1. The fascination with zombies is a recurrent cultural fad that seems to be surprisingly close to religious millenarism, luddism and anti-scientific sentiments.

    The zombies themselves violate a helluva lot of the laws of physics (walking while not feeding, nor drinking and undergoing disorderly body decay, for starters), having them walk and chase people is a real supernatural (hence fantastic) occurrence, and the related series stick to the idea there’s no remedy and that society would unavoidably fall.

    All this is fine as entertainment as long as we take it as fiction and don’t use it as guide for anything pertaining the real world.

  2. My approach is to start with ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid) chelation for heavy metal removal. Second would be to do the mitochondrial fission/fusion protocol some guys on the Longecity forum are working on. The third step is the invivo cellular reprogramming as described in this article. I finish my chelation end of this year. I will then to the mitochondrial fission/fusion protocol (by then we should know how many weeks to do this – it is a 5 day protocol per cycle). Sometime in the next 2-5 years I will do some sort of cellular reprogramming.

  3. Don’t believe those so-called Zombie documentaries. They are all propaganda produced by the Vampire dominated media.

  4. “He skips breakfast and has a late lunch. He takes Metformin.
    He takes Sirtuins and NAD enhancers.”

    I only eat breakfast and dinner, and only every other day. I take Goat’s Rue because I don’t have diabetes and can’t write myself a prescription for Metformin. I also have all that Sirtuin stuff covered, as well as NAD enhancers. Also, a few hours a week at the gym. A few other things, too, but only when I’m reasonably sure they are as safe as anything can be.

    I’ll let you know in a few decades how it’s working out. If I don’t, that might be a sort of answer, also.

  5. There are guys trying different regimens to do this on the Longecity forums. There is another guy who came up with a mitochondrial fission/fusion protocol, which is something I plan to do this winter once a finish my ALA chelation.

  6. Isn’t this how we get zombies? Didn’t these guys see the film documentaries produced over the past couple of decades?

  7. Cell reprogramming, and senescent cell removal should be done in the same organism. It will be difficult to assure every cell is reprogrammed, especially those not functioning properly.
    Assuming senescent cells are that way because of telomere degradation, reprogramming would not be effective. Even if telomerease production is programmed into the cell, it’s questionable if the cell could do so.
    Senescent cells are prone to cancer. It would be terrible to finally manage to extend your maximum lifespan, only to die of cancer a year later. They’re pretty much useless weight, that can only cause problems.
    I did seven, or eight cycles of intermittent fasting, stopping about a year ago. Presumably, long term effects of this would be due to senescent cell removal.
    My homeostatic weight “set point” seems to have dropped about 10 pounds, all, or most around my middle. Since I am a strongly “apple shaped” person, this is where most of my fat is stored.
    I seem to be allergy free now. My allergies were never severe, but still, no more runny nose during pollen season, or stinging eyes after playing with my cat.
    The osteoarthritis in my hands has to this point disappeared completely. I’d likely have had at least a minor episode of pain in the last year, but not a twinge. The swelling in my basal thumb joints is either greatly reduced, or completely gone, hard to tell since I don’t know what my hands would be like if I had never had arthritis.
    My mood seems improved also.

  8. and their lab got the nerves… regrown 🙂 That actually is a very big claim. Various neurodegenerative diseases cause disability in millions of people. Clinically significant nerver regrowth alone merits a Nobel Award. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary verifications

  9. An off-topic about the use of abstract automata in AI…

    Neural Nets are slow. Why not use learning Mealy machines instead? Some heuristic may compress their transition and output functions by (minimizing) logic transformations. Assumptions about “Don’t Care” values made during that process lead to generalization. Isn’t it an interesting area of research? Just read about Mealy machines and Karnaugh maps.

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