Rejuvenate Bio Has Started Offering Gene Therapy for Dogs

In 2017, George Church was interviewed in Endpoints. The interview with George Church at Endpoints is the source of the next three paragraphs in italics, which are statements from George Church.

George Church describes the roadmap for to human aging reversal treatments

We will see the first aging reversal test in dog trials in the next year or two. If that works, human trials are another two years away, and eight years before they’re done. Once you get a few going and succeeding it’s a positive feedback loop.

His company Rejuvenate Bio is actually working on the dog trial now.

The particular dog model we’re using has a heart disease issue. Rejuvenate Bio was still in semi-stealth mode, incubator mode, but the trial was not a secret. Dogs are a market in and of themselves. [Tens of billions of dollars per year] It’s not just a big organism close to humans. It’s something people will pay for. The FDA process is much faster for dogs than for humans — a little over a year versus nine years or so.

Now two years later the dog heart treatment is fully public.

In 2018, George Church described using a combination of 45 gene therapies to reverse aging.

They have delivered 45 gene therapies to provide aging reversal. They find the combined treatment is effective against obesity, diabetes, osteoarthritis, cardiac damage and kidney disease.

SOURCES – Rejuvenate Bio, youtube

23 thoughts on “Rejuvenate Bio Has Started Offering Gene Therapy for Dogs”

  1. Pass on the collar.

    But the dogs getting this, and treatments along these lines, will likely be howling (although not at the Moon) long after the other dogs are gone (and marking their territory on those other dogs’ tombstones if they care to).

  2. I just read in another article posted here that a drug/treatment for dogs takes one year for FDA approval.
    The successful treatments for dogs will not necessarily transfer over to humans without modifications.
    But any and all research on genetic engineering advances the science and soon any disease will be curable/preventable.
    But more important than that, soon they will genetically enhance everyone’s intelligence 5X fold or more.

  3. I think that all you have to do these days to get the treatment is to identify as a dog (male, female or other is also your choice, apparently).

  4. Interesting.

    Though, given how DNP works, I’m not sure you can point to the blood glucose level as demonstrating that it has solved the diabetes. You can drop your blood glucose by not eating anything, doesn’t mean you’re cured.
    Not that it shows you AREN’T cured either, just that it’s not a clear indication.

    What was the background to even trying that?

  5. The point is that usually we dont give ’em an anti-aging shot, we EAT them.
    But Guy Is right, the experiment has to be screened to minimize suffering.

  6. More seriously, I think dogs are just physiologically more similar to humans than cats are, so if you are going to chose one animal to work with, dogs it is.

  7. I know somebody that has had great success with 0.2mg/kg (so just a dab) of dinitrophenol one time per day for type 2. About 1/15th of the “usual” daily dose of 250mg.

    First morning fasting glucose reading went from 160 to 120.

    He’s going to try 2 doses of that amount per day soon.

    You can buy powder on

    And yes it is completely safe at that dose.

  8. Genetic engineering might produce a super powered animal.

    Super dog? Great!

    Super cat? Oops…. next thing we know it’s playing on a ledge pushing everything over the side… of an aircraft carrier.

  9. Experimenting on rodents still have to pass a Review Board just about everywhere (everywhere that is considered a proper research establishment anyway).

    Though the hoops you need to jump through are much lower and to some extent it’s a box ticking exercise.

    • Are you using the standard food in standard quantities? Check
    • Are you keeping them in standard rodent cages? Check
    • Are you using the normal supplier of normal rodents that we used the past 50 times? Check

    that sort of thing.

    However, I think that genetic engineering is not a simple box ticking exercise. Not my area, just going on what some people have said.

  10. I think you need FDA approval if it’s going to be rolled out as a medical treatment for dogs. If it’s just an experiment I think it’s more lax, but you’d still need to go through an IRB (Institutional Review Board) and conform to various ethics requirements to minimize animal suffering.

    It all gets a lot easier if you’re experimenting on something without a backbone, and I think rodents have some exemptions carved out.

  11. I’m sure you’ll not be the first to sue if some quack cripples you with their snake oil.

  12. Maybe they’ll set up shop offshore somewhere with no FDA?

    Not everyone is willing or able to wait 10 years for regulators to decide what we can do to our own bodies.

  13. Is he claiming a possible treatment for type 1, and the different flavors of type 2 diabetes(insulin resistance, and/or insufficient insulin production)? Put me on the iist for efficacy trials please. I’m really tired of the drugs, the dietary restrictions, and all the rent seeking doctor visits just to maintain my prescriptions. I’m telling you, it’s a racket!!!

  14. I wants. How soon and how much?

    Not for the dog, for me, and covering all those things they mentioned at the end.

  15. I have not checked to see if this article is true yet but if it is, things will start moving FAST. If this is proven to work on dogs and I was 80 with a great deal of money, I would most certainly (bribe) get it!

  16. Do you need FDA approval to conduct experiments on dogs? I hope you dont need it
    for pigs also.

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