Rejuvenate Bio Using Gene Therapy Has Reversed Aging Effects in Mice and Dogs

Harvard Genetics Giant Geroge Church and Noah Davidsohn, a former postdoc in his lab, have engaged in a secretive antiaging venture called Rejuvenate Bio. They are making old dogs new. They have conducted gene therapy on beagles and are currently advertising for Cavalier King Charles spaniels to use gene therapy to fix their hearts.

They have identified many other targets for gene-based interventions, studying a database of aging-related genes.

Most of the work was done in mice, where they have extended the life of mice by a factor of two. Nextbigfuture notes that this would mean mice would live 6 years with treatment instead of 3 years.

Some are not impressed, because it’s mice, but Nextbigfuture is impressed. It is three times better than calorie restriction or senescent cells.

George Church and Rejuvenate Bio working on dogs. There are about nine different pathways that they have identified for cell rejuvenation, one of which eliminates senescent cells. Zombie cells that have stopped dividing and cause inflammation in other good cells.

Church believes that dog trials will go well. Based on the mouse trials, they are hoping that the effects are general and independent of species. They will use the same gene therapy in mice and dogs and humans.

They are working on age reversal rather than longevity. It is easier to get permission from the F.D.A. for reversal of diseases than to wait decades to prove you are living longer.