Six Launches of Starlink Satellites to Reach Initial Activation

Elon Musk tweeted that only six launches of Starlink Satellites will be needed to reach initial activation of a 360 satellite constellation. 720 satellites from 12 launches will provide significant coverage of the US, Europe, Japan and China. 360 satellites would only provide minor global coverage.

Each batch of 60 satellites will be able to deliver 1 terabit of bandwidth to Earth.

The satellite launch was delayed from yesterday. SpaceX will try to launch late today.

This launch will have production design Starlink.

These satellites are critical to SpaceX reaching significant revenue. The global space industry has over $350 billion per year of revenue but the commercial launch business is only about $4 billion per year. SpaceX already has 60% of commercial launch.

SpaceX has to create a new vertically integrated service in space. Direct TV and the global satellite television business makes $100 billion per year in revenue. However, SpaceX will not compete enter a mature and declining business. SpaceX will provide low latency trading for financial companies.

SOURCES – Elon Musk twitter, SpaceX
Written By Brian Wang,