SpaceX Has Money to Make Starlink Operational Which Will Then Pay for Starship

SpaceX has raised over $1 billion and this will be enough money to make and deploy the 720 Starlink satellites that are needed for an operational constellation.

Musk said SpaceX will have most of the space launch revenue at $3 billion a year. SpaceX already has 60% of commercial launch. Elon believes internet service revenue will be more like $30 billion a year.

Total internet connectivity revenue in the world is about $1 trillion and they will get 3% with Starlink.

SpaceX will rapidly deploy 720 Starlink by about April, 2020. They will scale production and launch rate to between 1,000 satellites to 2,000 satellites per year. If SpaceX is able to stick to its current Starlink schedule, Musk said “SpaceX will have the majority of satellites” in orbit around the Earth within two years.

Written By Brian Wang,

18 thoughts on “SpaceX Has Money to Make Starlink Operational Which Will Then Pay for Starship”

  1. your absolutely right. Elon Musk will be the first one to tell you he made a mistake by taking tesla public. He is not a man to give up control to the SEC lightly.

    As far as putting people on a Pedestal. I am 72 and there are a few people I would follow to the ends of the Earth. Teddy Roosevelt, Davy Crockett, George Washington etc for their political views. And a few others for their farsightedness. Tesla, Edison, ELON MUSK ETC.
    And a few for their compassion. Mother Teresa, Gandi, and obviously Jesus Christ.

    If there is no one you place on a pedestal, you have no compass to live by and only think of yourself. Or you are still a child without understanding the meaning of greatness.

  2. Your name says it all. Let the cult of ME begin. And Me is jealous of anyone else with more limelight.

  3. …and he only went public with Tesla. Musk isn’t stupid keeping the majority of the companies that actually make money. You don’t see him selling shares of Space X. This is not an accident

  4. No doubt, the man is very capable, but take it easy with the hero worship, once your balls have dropped and your voice has broken, you will see things with a more sober perspective.

  5. My problem with Musk is his deceit and misdirection. Boring company is making smaller tunnels and he claims they just dig faster. Not really. His idea of moving cars on the “skates” inside the tunnel just moves the traffic jam to the entrance of the tunnel. It does not solve the overall traffic problem. Bad news for Tesla; poof! Flamethrower. More bad news; poof! Leaf blower. I think SpaceX has potential, but who knows. You shovel enough crap at the wall and something sticks.

  6. Wow…let the cult of Musk begin! He can do no wrong. He’s in it for humanity. What a saint. He’s a corporate welfare baby. He’s personally made billions off of subsidies by selling things to rich people paid for by the poor and the middle class. Yes, he’s in it for advancing humanity. What a crock.

  7. Tesla makes the best cars in the world right now. Spacex makes the best rockets in the world right now. The Boring Company makes the best tunneling equipment in the world right now.
    Elon Musk will within 2 years will be the richest man in the world. Only a total idiot would actually bet against him.
    If tesla fails because it is the only one of those companies the SEC(government has their nose in), Elon Musk will simply buy the company and do it his way.
    Elon Musk unlike most of the really rich men in the world that came before him is trying to advance the human race in ways that are best for us.

  8. He obviously have no clue. Another mass media troll.

    Sadly the amount of information you have to go trough daily to keep up with real information is staggering. A lot of people get the wrong idea, and thats the whole point of this misinformation.

  9. It will take time to reach these levels. He also said that by now Tesla would be selling twice as many cars as it actually does. Markets don’t move that fast, especially if there is no crisis or a game changer that compels the market to urgently adopt a new product. Still, I am pretty sure that he will find his niche and eventually pay for the new rockets.

  10. Once again, bad news for Tesla means Musk has to hype something else. Classic misdirection from a financial magician.

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