SpaceX Successfully Launched the Sixty Starlink Satellites

SpaceX is scheduled to launch launched the sixty Starlink satellites in 2.5 hours at 10:30 EDT – 7:30 PDT time.

The launch is successful and they landed the first stage. The second burn will start in about six minutes to get to the right orbit.

This will be huge if the production Starlink satellites work as planned. If they are successful then SpaceX will be able to use 12 launches to put up a system of about 700+ satellites to cover the USA, Asia and Europe for low latency financial trading. This would happen fairly early in 2020. This will provide many billions of dollars in annual revenue to SpaceX.

Just connecting New York and Chicago with a microwave connection to shave 3 milliseconds is worth $100 million per year.

SOURCES- SpaceX, Twitter