SpaceX Starlink Satellite Simulations

Mark Handley (UCL, University College London) has simulation showing the orbits of various SpaceX Starlink satellite constellations. There are simulations of 72, 264 and 11927 satellites. SpaceX is launching 60 satellites at a time. SpaceX has 60 production Starlink satellites in orbit now for testing.

SpaceX plans six more launches of Starlink satellites by the end of the year and should have enough for an initial 720 satellites for North America, Europe and Asia service by March or April 2020.

Below is a simulation of 11927 satellites in the final proposed Starlink constellation. Red satellites are the initial 1584 satellites at 550km altitude. White are 1600 second phase satellites at 1110km altitude and 53.8 degree inclination. Blue are 1225 satellites in polar orbits. Yellow shows the final 7518 satellites in 335km to 345km VLEO orbits, with inclinations of 53, 48 and 42 degrees.

SOURCES- Youtube, Mark Handley, UCL
Written By Brian Wang,