SpaceX Will Have First Untethered Hop of the Starhopper on Monday

SpaceX is on track for a first untethered hop of the Starhopper on Monday.

17 thoughts on “SpaceX Will Have First Untethered Hop of the Starhopper on Monday”

  1. It is just stainless steel, just scale up and build the world’s largest forming machines and form the whole goddamn thing in one go, will be quite strong too.

  2. And, at the current rate those work, it would be finished some time in 2050.

    There are some obvious things they can do to make it look better next time. Apparently they didn’t think it was worth investing in a slip roller, or setting up dedicated fixtures.

  3. Such a beautiful rocket on renders (I love the golden age of science fiction), such an ugly prototype.

  4. Ironically, because at the time it was too clean. When Detroit hiked their water rates, Flint switched to an emergency backup from lake water, which being fresh, didn’t have enough mineral content to maintain the mineral lining of lead pipes. (Which is what makes those pipes actually safe if carrying “hard” water.)

    Once the mineral deposits had been washed away, the lead itself started leaching into the water.

    All because somebody in the Flint water system hadn’t realized the need to add a few dollars a day worth of minerals into the water…

  5. i think it would look better if they built the body with a large robotic arm and a 3D weld printer

  6. Speculation was a windbreak like what the competing team at Cocoa in Florida had at their Cidco Road build site.

  7. It was in reference to Tesla donating millions of dollars of water filters to Flint households and schools during the height of their water crisis.

  8. Fairly sure that’s just reflections.

    Why Flint? I don’t get the connection… Saying Hopper is hazardous in some fashion?

  9. Not mentioned in this article: This will be the first time EVER that a full-flow staged combustion rocket engine flies. In history.

  10. The one with the tapered nosecone is the 2nd starship prototype, and closer to the final design. The Mark I hopper still has wrinkly metal foil on it.

  11. Are those rust stains? if not then they should paint some rust stains on it.
    How about a sign that says “Flint Water Plant”?

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