SpaceX Will Start Super Heavy Construction in Three Months

Elon Musk has tweeted that SpaceX will start construction of the booster stage of the Super Heavy Starship in three months. The first prototype will have 20 Raptor engines instead of 31 to lower the amount of hardware at risk.

The rendering above was by Kimi Talivitie. Kimi is the original creator of a rendering of a metallic SpaceX Super Heavy Starship.

11 thoughts on “SpaceX Will Start Super Heavy Construction in Three Months”

  1. I’m an SLS fan, but I think Super-Heavy might actually be an easier build than Starship. I think it will throttle better with more engines. Starship worries me more actually.

    If Super-Heavy flies well and Musk loses his fear of hydrogen and starts using that atop the super-heavy–only then does SLS really face a threat.

    I want NTR–so that means SLS for now.

  2. I don’t even start with a unit 63 m long and 9 m in diameter.

    Less than half that much if I’m being honest.

  3. Yeah notice that I said “booster flies”. I’m not counting Starship. So before SLS if a Raptor powered booster takes off, gets up to speed and then does a powered return to the pad that would definitely count.

  4. It’ll be like Energia. It’ll fly, it’ll work. But we’ll quickly realize we can’t afford to do anything with it.

    (the reasons it’s unaffordable will be a little different than the Russians who suddenly went broke at the time, but the result will be the same)

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