Tesla Car Component Stress Monitoring With Automically Triggered Repair Service

Tesla has a patent for car component stress monitoring sensor network which automatically triggers repair service when required. A self-driving version would automatically drive to needed service.

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SOURCES – US Patent, Tesla

2 thoughts on “Tesla Car Component Stress Monitoring With Automically Triggered Repair Service”

  1. This is the sort of thing you’d expect to be developed by people who work on sensor networks monitoring all the components in spaceships. I wonder how that happened.

  2. Tesla is a car company of the future, unlike any car company now. All the major car companies take years and usually government legislation when change is required. We have seen tesla switch one of the motors in the Model S and Model X to a new technology pioneered in the Model 3. The company also announced an improved suspension system and other efficiency tweaks throughout the vehicle. The impressive result: greater than 93 percent energy efficiency. Tesla replaced the drive train with a more efficient one that is rated for 1,000,000 miles. Plus they recently did software updates. No other car company makes these types of changes routinely.
    There are very few people that test drive a tesla that does not immediately fall in love with it.

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