Tesla Raising $2 Billion

Tesla is raiding $2 billion, with $1.35 billion coming from convertible notes and $650 million from new equity. Elon Musk is adding another $10 million in stock to his $12 billion in Tesla ownership.

Written By Brian Wang

3 thoughts on “Tesla Raising $2 Billion”

  1. “Tesla is raiding $2 billion” freudian slip in the first line title is “Tesla Raising $2 Billion”

  2. Generally Tesla equity rises are rewarded as a good thing by the seasoned veterans. In each Tesla cash raise it benefited from a share rise.

    In fact given the good credit environment it is thought irresponsible for Elon not to raise a safety buffer while the times are reasonably gentle.

    Glad he came around to that viewpoint.

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