Tesla Shanghai Factory Days From Completion and Maybe First Cars in September

The Tesla Shanghai plant is scheduled to build its first Model 3 in September 2019, the third quarter. A slight delay in the construction of other municipal facilities and facilities might cause a delay. The latest time for completed Teslas cars from the new factory is the end of 2019.

The significant will be a large production ramp in 2020 with production in the 200,000 to 350,000 range and then closer to full 500,000 car production in 2021.

12 thoughts on “Tesla Shanghai Factory Days From Completion and Maybe First Cars in September”

  1. Collapse of Chinese construction gets swept under rug, lost in the great abyss of Chinese failures. Potemkin growth rates are the fashion of the day.

  2. How can you tell what excessive? A developing fetus, for example, grows faster than many tumors. Uncontrollable growth is cancer.

  3. I remember a Chinese bridge overpass crumbling. They discovered it had been back filled with trash and cardboard. I worry about quick Chinese construction. Hopefully there were construction engineers on hand hired by Tesla to keep an eye on things.

  4. BMW alone sold that many in China last year. There’s plenty of demand for 500k Model 3 and Y sales in China if Tesla takes market share from Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Jaguar, Porsche, Buick, etc. There are strong incentives in China to buy an electric luxury car and Tesla effectively has that market to itself despite talk by other brands.

  5. In China a Tesla 3 would be considered a luxury model. They might not be able to sell 500K cars a year in China. But since the cost of labor is less they might be able to export the excess.

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