Tesla’s Shanghai Factory Building Has Been Completed

Tesla’s Shanghai factory building has been completed on May 19, 2019.

This was a record breaker in terms of the shortest time needed to construct a very large factory building. The rapid work will continue as they rush to complete the vehicle production lines inside the building.

Having significant construction in China will help lower the costs of Tesla’s sold in China and enable Tesla to capture part of the largest electric car market in the world. Chinese consumers buy more than half of all of the electric cars in the world.

SOURCES – Twitter, Youtube

10 thoughts on “Tesla’s Shanghai Factory Building Has Been Completed”

  1. Who are they going to sell the Tesla’s to? The Chinese won’t buy an “American” car now because it would be unpatriotic. They can’t sell them to the US because I am sure Mr. T would tarrif them to hell and back. Quite a pickle.

  2. Hay Knuckleheads πŸ™‚ Apple wanted to buy tesla in 2013 for $240 a share. In 2013 the average price of a tesla share was $140.
    Tesla is further ahead of its competition now then in 2013. So if sold it would be worth more. None of the short sellers bother to tell you this, Doubtful look it up!

  3. The Chinese definition of “completed” is being swarmed by construction cranes and appear to be midway through construction?

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