US Army Approves Plans for Microwave, Laser and Hypersonic Weapons

The US Army has approved plans for high-powered microwave weapons, laser weapons and the development of hypersonic missiles.

The Army will test a 50-kilowatt laser on an 8×8 Stryker armored vehicle by 2021 and then a 100-kW one on a heavy HEMTT truck.

100-KW lasers on an army truck

Starting in 2021, the Army will test-fire hypersonic weapons twice a year. A fully assembled canister for launching the glide vehicle will be delivered to the first rocket artillery unit so they can train to load and reload the 400-inch long canister on the Transporter Erector Launcher.

The Army’s main modernization priority is an array of Long-Range Precision Firepower weapons, from rocket-propelled, precision-guided howitzer shells to hypersonics firing over 1,000 miles.

SOURCES – Breaking Defense