Winners in EU Elections Were Nationalist Parties

The leader of Italy’s right-wing League Party, Matteo Salvini, said populist and nationalist parties will control at least 150 seats in the new 751-seat European Parliament.

ECFR (European Council on Foreign Relations) published results of surveys that show most Europeans believe the EU could fall apart within the next two decades.

Salvini told RAI state television that his League, Marine Le Pen’s National Rally in France and Nigel Farage’s Brexit party in Britain together should control 90 seats. He says other populist parties in the Europe of Nations and Freedom Group could bring that number to 150.

Le Pen and Salvini are joining forces to try to reform the EU.

Salvini’s League gaining in strength in Italy to nearly 34% of the vote, a huge boost over the formerly regional party’s 6% support in 2014.

Matteo Salvini’s League was the big winner in Italy. Salvini has a coalition of businesspeople who want to cut taxes, to voters hostile to migrants, to fierce opponents of gay marriage.

SOURCES- AP, CNBC, the Guardian, France 24