Avengers Endgame Will Re-release Next Week With Extra Footage

It was previously doubtful that Avengers Endgame (tracking to $2.76 billion) would pass the global box office record of Avatar ($2.788 billion) but now Avengers Endgame will get re-released next week with extra footage and will beat the Avatar record. It will need about 1% additional repeat viewings to pass Avatar. It would need nearly 8% more to pass $3 billion.

11 thoughts on “Avengers Endgame Will Re-release Next Week With Extra Footage”

  1. Hello, I wish to offer a trailer of Captain Marvel to you instead of watching the movie. I share your demographic closely but this trailer is not us, at all. Step into a Millennial’s frame of reference to see our world from their side is possible for 2 minutes. Please note Marvel’s declaration before she shows us her true power. I found it shocking at first and so hopefull every time since. Best wishes.


  2. Superheroes are VERY susceptible to becoming a Mary Sue. You have to be on your guard the whole time.

  3. I love that the cartoon movie is right there with the huge budget live action films, and is just as good. Big money doesn’t always win over just plain good writing.

    Note: In all the commentary I saw and read about ITSv I never realised it was a cartoon until I actually watched it.

  4. Yeah, pretty much. That guy didn’t come out of nowhere. He was the original comics Spiderman. Most of the rest, (Maybe all of them? I haven’t been a faithful comics reader for years.) were from various reboots.

    Even Spider-Ham was from a one-off comedy special Marvel published years ago.

  5. So the most faithful to the comics one is the middle aged divorced Spiderman from “Into the Spider-verse”?

    Japanese anime spider girl and Spiderpig nonwithstanding.


  6. The thing is, Spiderman isn’t “a role supposed to be played by a teen.”

    Amazing Fantasy #15, he’s a teen in HS when he first gets his powers.

    By Amazing Spiderman #31, he graduates, and moves on to college.

    By issue #185, he graduates from college, and enters a graduate program.

    By issue #292, he’s proposed to Mary Jane, and they get married that year.

    They have a kid, divorce, and so forth.

    Before they rebooted the series, he was middle aged! Granted, comic book time didn’t pass quite as fast as real world time, but he WAS aging.

    He was actually only a teen for a few years in the comics.

  7. The actors are getting older and they couldn’t play their roles for much longer.

    This has been going for like 11 years already. Hugh Jackman had the good taste of retiring from playing his Wolverine role after a while, I guess most of these actors will too.

    And besides the fear of being typecasted and role fatigue ought to have already settled in. Except for those that are still too young to care, like the actor playing Spiderman, who seems to adore all the media attention he gets. A pity a role supposed to be played by a teen isn’t made to last for long.

  8. I’m not sure I’m going to bother seeing “Captain Marvel” after seeing this one. Seems a bit of a Mary Sue.

  9. Well, finally saw it. No spoilers, but that sure had the feel of, “That’s it, folks, don’t expect another of these!”

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