Carnival of Space 614

1. Universe Today – SpaceX just launched 60 satellites for its Starlink Constellation. Internet service providers should be very worried.

2. Nextbigfuture- Single Stage Point to Point Up To 6000 Miles With Mach 20 SpaceX Starship

3. Cosmoquest – Background On Bennu Mappers: Rocks All The Way Down

4. Cosmoquest – A tale of two software versions

5. Universe Today – Theory proposes that Venus could have been habitable, but a large ocean slowed down its rotation, killing it

6. Universe Today -Sen has Launched a 4K Video Stream to Space

7. Chandra X-Ray Space Telescope Blog – Chandra Finds Stellar Duos Banished from Galaxies

8. Chandra X-Ray Space Telescope Blog – Heart of Lonesome Galaxy is Brimming with Dark Matter

9. Hubble Site – A Pair of Fledgling Planets Directly Seen Growing Around a Young Star


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