China’s Meter Wave Radar Can Guide Missiles to Destroy F-35 and F-22 Stealth Fighters

China’s meter wave anti-stealth radar not only detects advanced stealth aircraft but also guides missiles to destroy them, a senior Chinese radar designer said at a recent interview.

Meter wave radar can be deployed on vehicles, on land and warships, creating a dense web that gives hostile stealth aircraft nowhere to hide.

Meter wave radars can detect stealth aircraft because modern stealth aircraft are mainly designed to avoid detection by microwave radar, and are less stealthy to meter wave radar.

They have low resolution and accuracy which only lets them warn about stealth fighters and the general direction.

Wei Dongxu, a Beijing-based military analyst, says China has solved stealth plant targeting by designing the world’s first practical meter wave sparse array synthetic impulse and aperture radar.

Wu said that his radar has multiple transmitting and receiving antennas tens of meters high, scattered in a range of tens to hundreds of meters. They can continuously cover the sky as the radar receives echoes from all directions.

Wei said that this significantly enhances the radar’s ability to track an aerial target, pinpointing the stealth aircraft’s exact coordinates by synthesizing parameters and data gathered by the radar under the support of advanced algorithms.

Russia’s Sunflower low-frequency over-the-horizon radar has existed for a few years and can detect US F-35 stealth fighters up to a range of about 300 miles. However, they cannot target the F-35.