Hope For Renewed Talks on China-US Trade Deal

President Xi and President Trump will talk about trade at the G-20 summit in Japan and the trade negotiation teams will restart talks prior to the meeting.

This does not mean there will be a deal but there will be talks where there were no talks for a few weeks.

11 thoughts on “Hope For Renewed Talks on China-US Trade Deal”

  1. Econ 101: Increase prices leads to reduce demand. Reduce demand leads to reduce sales. Reduce sales leads to increase unemployment. Tariffs reduces employment here. Factory jobs are not the only jobs that exist. Retail jobs also exit.

    The correct way to increase jobs here is to reduce the cost of labor. The proper way to reduce the cost of labor is to implement Universal Health Care and free college education. College education improves productivity which reduces the per unit cost of labor.

  2. China did not steal your jobs, but the way to stop American rich from sending jobs to China is tariffs. All country should have standard protective tariffs to protect democracy (getting rid of the “businessman’s veto”.

  3. Everyone pushes the limits of agreements. Trump doesn’t push the limits, he blows them up. Be careful in believing all of the propaganda been pushed. We are not 100% innocent and the Chinese 100% guilty. And the Chinese did not steal our jobs. Our corporations provided the capital and the agreements that move their factories overseas to China. Our politicians passed the laws that eases the way.

  4. The manufacturing system has baked in the notion of off shore suppliers and a lot of those jobs were never on our shores in the first place.

  5. Are you taking about Trump or Xi??? Seriously, it’s not at all clear. However, I suspect you are talking about Trump and you are probably right.

  6. Sounds like things haven’t changed a lot since the days when the Emperor, hearing of two starving provinces on the verge of riot and rebellion, sent his army to take all the food from one and give it to the other.

    One empty province, one loyal province. No rebellion. Problem solved.

  7. Good point, and not only does Xi not honor agreements, his regime is also operating literal human abattoirs where they slaughter ethnic and religious minorities to harvest their organs on an industrial scale. See for example this article in Forbes:


    Sadly many Western baizuo will support the Chinese Communist Party against domestic political enemy. They hate political rivals more than they care for “rights of oppressed minority”.

  8. Xi went to visit North Korea and announced that he was onboard with a political settlement for issues on the Korean Peninsula.

    Translation: Xi is getting ready to trade away Nork missiles for a better trade deal with the USA.

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