US Restarts Trade Talks With China and Talks With North Korea

Trade talks with China and restarted. There is now a delay in any tariff increases. Huawei is getting some relief.

North Korea

President Trump became the first sitting President to set foot in North Korea on Sunday as he met Kim Jong-un, the country’s leader, at the heavily fortified Demilitarized Zone, and the two agreed to restart negotiations on a long-elusive nuclear agreement.

11 thoughts on “US Restarts Trade Talks With China and Talks With North Korea”

  1. You have heard him speak, right? I may have done much better if my daddy had given me a nice nest egg too. Just imagine what he could have done with the money if he wasn’t such a moron.

  2. Why do you figure you are LESS of a idiot than the President Of The United States?
    What of world wide significance have you accomplished?

  3. This is the best criticism I’ve read of Trump.

    Others seem to either focus on his personal style (He’s boorish, ill mannered, and doesn’t provide a Christian role model. Which may be true but isn’t relevant unless you are inviting him to dinner)

    Or they are incoherent screaming about … well I wasn’t able to follow those arguments. About something. Probably.

  4. The problem I have with Trump is the lack of vision. I think he is a good negotiator in the tactical sense. He is very good at creating crisis and then offer to solve them at a cost. I think some of that, especially with our allies, will have longer term damaging impact to the way other countries interact with us, but that is a discussion for another day.

    He changes his minds a lot. If you have vision and can see thirty steps ahead, you will work hard to get to the goal. When you finish negotiating with Mexico, you would have gotten what you wanted and no need to change your mind two days later. But if you don’t know what you want, then you always wonder if you got the best deal and change your mind.

    I wonder how far he can see in front of his nose?

  5. How do you figure? We most likely will never have as good a negotiator as we have now again.

  6. My fellow Americans are big on fairness and straight dealing. China has been getting a sweetheart deal and screwing American companies for decades. Those days are over. Even if Trump looses the next election. Those days are over.

  7. I am surprised that many more unAmericans did not try to undermine or verbally sabotage Presidents Trump’s efforts to make a trade deal that actually was fair for us.

    I figured as usual they would put their hatred of President Trump ahead of what was best for the United States and its people.

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