Avatar Sequels Will Make Zoe Saldana the Number One Move Box Office Actor

In the next two to three weeks, Avengers Endgame will be passing the global movie box office of James Cameron’s Avatar movie. The actress Zoe Saldana is in both of the movies. She plays Gamora in the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy movies and plays Neytiri in the Avatar movies.

There will be four (or more) Avatar sequels. If James Cameron is able to capture even half of the interest for sequels as the original Avatar, then Zoe Saldana will likely become the actor involved in the highest cumulative total box office. She is already ranked tenth.

9 thoughts on “Avatar Sequels Will Make Zoe Saldana the Number One Move Box Office Actor”

  1. That’s the basic weakness of the DC universe. Too many of the characters are overpowered. You have to come up with some plot device to stop Superman or the Flash from being able to resolve the entire story literally within seconds.

    So they have the various characters fight among themselves, or something.

    It’s also why Batman is a better character as everyone knows.

  2. Yep, too bad. She and Superman could have taken care of Thanos by themselves (and with no kryptonite in the MCU to worry about picking up, Batman, the Flash, and Aquaman could have all stayed home).

    Might have been kind of a short movie though.

  3. Too smarmy and “perfect” like most female leads nowadays. (Ooh, I must feel threatened by a strong, stunning and brave female-identifying person of color.)

  4. You know what? Gal Gadon (Wonder Woman) is the only true beauty and talent in The Avengers, but the Avatar franchise is too flaky to take her on. What a shame!!


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