China Upgraded the FC31 Stealth Fighter Again and Fired a Missile in the South China Sea

China displayed a scale-model of an upgraded version of its FC-31 stealth fighter jet at the Paris Airshow 2019.

Changes have made the FC-21 more agile and with a langer operational range. It has upgraded electronic devices for communication or satellite links.

The upgraded FC-31 has a pair of new engines. The engine nozzles on the FC-31 model displayed in Paris are very different in structure and shape than the ones previously used suggesting more powerful engines.

China Tested an Anti Ship Missile in the South China Sea

Cinese military had anti-ship missile tests in hotly contested South China Sea.

China has 20 outposts in the Paracel Islands and 7 in the Spratlys. CSIS has an island tracker site which tracks the island build up of all countries in the South China Sea. Since 2013, China has engaged in unprecedented dredging and artificial island-building in the Spratlys, creating 3,200 acres of new land, along with a substantial expansion of its presence in the Paracels.