Clarifying What Commonwealth Fusion Systems Will Do

Steven B. Krivit points out that Commonwealth Fusion Systems will not get to true energy breakeven in 2025.

The plans for the SPARC reactor specify a fusion power output of 50 to 100 MW of heat. Thermal power to heat the fuel will be 30 MW. The goal is to do this for ten seconds. Krivit points out it will take 90MW of electricity to generate the 30 MW of input heat.

There is a 35-page report on the plans for the SPARC reactor that Commonwealth Fusion Systems will build.

Nextbigfuture noted that Commonwealth Fusion Systems might get some power generation system in 2033 if they maintain ambitious development and fundraising goals.

Commonwealth Fusion Systems has raised $50 million to prove out much more powerful superconducting magnets which are what will make their system 60 times smaller the the international Tokamak.

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