India Lauching to the Moon in Three Days

India will launch Chandrayaan-2 on July 15,2019 and it will be India’s first lunar landing mission.

The orbit of Chandrayaan-2 around the Moon will be circularised to 100km orbit through a series of complex orbital maneuvers with the help of thrusters.

On the day of landing, the lander – Vikram – will separate from the orbiter and then perform a series of maneuvers comprising of ‘rough’ and ‘fine’ braking.

Vikram will land near the Moon’s South Pole on September 6 or 7, 2019. Subsequently, the rover – Pragyan – will roll out and carry out experiments on lunar surface for one lunar day (or 14 Earth days).

If this succeeds then India will be the fourth country to land a mission on the moon. The US was first 50 years ago and then Russia and China. Israel got very close but crashed their lander.

SOURCES- Hindustan Times
Written by Alvin Wang

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  1. We also have military veterans, who were traumatized by war. But we are making progress in treating PTSD…which we desperately need…not just for veterans. Crime victims are often diagnosed with PTSD. And there is far too much domestic violence, sexual predation, bullying, and abusive bosses.
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    An ugly American would defend his government’s decisions mindlessly.

    And if I visited India, I would treat everyone with respect, as I do with everyone I meet.

  2. “Brain drain” that is silly. The more people who leave the cities for other parts of the globe, the more space for others in India to rise. It is all nutrition. Feed more people and you will have more brains.
    And they send back money that elevates people in India. $69 billion in remittances:
    Do the math. That is helping India greatly.

    We do spend quit a bit to help homeless people. The majority have mental heath issues. It is 0.17% of the population. And if it was up to me we would do a lot more. Just giving them money does not work. They usually spend it on drugs and alcohol.

    We used to lock up our insane. Now we only lock up those who are a clear danger to themselves or the public. Which is better? Debatable. But they prefer to be free. Addicts? It is hard to free someone of something they don’t have the desire to free themselves from. Many of these people are escaping from their own condemnation of themselves. That is very hard to overcome. Drugs and alcohol can also do a great deal of damage to the brain making it that much harder.
    We do have other homeless. Most of that is just transitional, and they will find somewhere to call home. And there is a small fraction that are just truly lazy and are easily satisfied. They would rather have the free time and just panhandle for an hour or two. I know a couple of these. They just don’t like being a “wage slave”. Too many bills, taxes, and complicated modern life.

  3. Nixon was not an ideal President. And he knew next to nothing about science, technology, infrastructure and logistics. As a result he made many poor decisions. We have another science bozo now.
    Eisenhower was a terrific President, Clinton was OK. George Bush Sr. was fair. Carter had a good heart. Ford so-so. Most have been rather dreadful. Even ones people seem to nearly worship (Reagan, FDR) really were not very good. No one talks about Taft. He is underrated. Teddy Roosevelt was flashy…but Taft did a lot more in and out of the office. Hoover also has a far worse reputation than he deserves (Hoover got the flack from MacArthur’s attack on veterans asking for their bonus early camped in the Capital. Hoover accepted responsibility though he had little to do with it. It was belligerent MacArthur who was solely responsible and should have been court martialed). The most interesting President was the one we never had: Huey Long. Dangerous maybe, but he got infrastructure built, people educated, and many pulled out of poverty. He would have been President, I think, had he not been assassinated. FDR certainly would not have built as much as he did if it was not for Huey Long making him look bad.

  4. Your hate and tone is quite unjustified. I am all for Indians studying STEM and am impressed by their accomplishments. There is a great deal that can be done constructively with STEM and investment in infrastructure. I think molten salt reactor research is a good target, and they are working on it. And you need STEM people to make good road systems, tall buildings, and many things. And snake charmers is the furthest thing from my mind. If someone were to say “snake charmer” India does not even come to mind…just don’t know much about that. Never had any interest in snake charming. Your ability to see where I am coming from is seriously deranged.
    Your reading comprehension seems to be quite low as well.
    Japanese are shorter genetically (Japanese ancestry Americans are 2 inches shorter) and not as short as Indians. Indians are not short genetically. Punjabi Indian men are 5’10”, that is taller than American men. Urban Indian men are 5′ 8.5″. So why are rural Indian men 5′ 3.5″? Nutrition disparity…obviously.
    The fact that you and other like you have no concern for the rural Indians, 66% of the population, is tragic. Rural Americans except those who were born and raised in Latin America are just as tall as everyone else…if not taller.
    Indian Moon missions take the food out of the mouths of the poor…that is a fact.

  5. So take care of your own homeless problem and your own prison incarceration rate problem first, before lecturing others. India’s space program is far cheaper than most other programs in the country, and it provides huge returns. It gives all kinds of important benefits in telecom, weather monitoring, resource management, etc. India does lose a lot every year to brain drain, and important science missions like this one will help to stem it. People will see that big science is also done at home, and not just elsewhere.

    When India first started investing in computing and information technology, some critics used to scoff that you can’t fill people’s stomachs with floppy disks. Yet today India’s IT & software industry provide employment for countless people and their incomes generate vast ripple effects across the economy. Likewise, today sectors like engineering services are growing faster than IT, and as India demonstrates its engineering talent to the world, it will improve its market prospects.

    Back in the 1960s, when China was developing nukes, India’s nuclear tech was actually ahead of theirs, but India chose not to weaponize to avoid an arms race. But the US under Nixon later took advantage of that, by declaring that India was not an “official nuclear power” like China was, because India hadn’t weaponized yet. So by showing restraint, India got shortchanged and blacklisted. Having learned this bitter lesson the hard way, India doesn’t want to suffer the same for Space.

  6. Big deal – average stature in Japan is a lot lower than in the West, too.

    What’s stunted is your brain. Plenty of Indians outperforming Americans on math & science tests. More foreign students from the stunted sh!thole countries pursuing higher degrees in US universities, while Americans suffer from stunted interest in those things and only want to reap the fruits of them.

    A lunar mission helps to motivate young Indians, to promote in them more interest in STEM, while showing them the possibilities of an expanding future.

    India will continue to develop in science and technology, even while demonstrating that it’s more than just the land of snake charmers you’d like to think it is. Nations like to demonstrate their own sovereign capabilities in these domains, though you’d like them to sit in the corner while handing off all opportunity to you. No thanks – nobody’s going to settle for living vicariously through you.

    Your condescension towards others only shows that the Ugly American mentality is alive and well. You just like to shit all over other countries – you want to puff yourself up by putting other people down.

  7. Sophistry. Those satellites could have been put up much cheaper by not developing a space program. And this Moon lander was not free and will not serve anyone with weather reports.

    Claiming there are no stunted Indians is lunacy.

    Average male stature: 5′ 4.9″
    Average female stature: 5′ 0″


    Only Indonesia, Bolivia, Nepal, and Vietnam are shorter. And Nepal and Vietnam are probably genetically shorter. Indonesia? Bolivia is dirt poor.

    I am sure all those kids are faking blindness too.

  8. Children normally don’t work (unless your society is into that…not that that is necessarily bad…just less than optimal in this day and age), the elderly typically don’t work. And the insane and maimed usually don’t do hard labor. So somewhere where most jobs are labor, people die if there is no support from society. Call that “The Welfare State” if you want…I call that a fundamental government obligation. 200 years ago you had 8 kids, 5-6 died and you were left with 2-3 responsible capable children who could support their parents and their children. When most survive, and you have fewer, your odds of getting good productive children goes down. You need the safety net or the elderly will starve and the youth will be stunted and blind.

  9. How many kinds of Wrong can you be? I am a big fan of the Olympics. Every country should be there. And any kind of boycott by anyone is petty and harmful. You don’t have to have a good chance of winning…that is not what it is about. The US government does not pay for any of their athletes to compete or give them monetary prizes if they win. If India wants to do that, I don’t have a problem as long as prizes are within reason.
    I am all for market reforms for India…and much less red tape for people to start businesses and such.
    Weapons systems? Save your money. No, my priorities are health, wellbeing, productivity, peace and environment.
    Desserts is after you eat your dinner. Play after homework. Rockets after feeding your people!
    I don’t know how hard it is to get along with Pakistan, but maybe they could spend more effort there and less money buying weapons systems.
    The number of countries that really want to take over India, and administer it, and be targets of a billion+ angry people who would want them dead, has got to be a very small list, of very stupid countries.

    The US owning Space? No. Solve your health problems, then join the US, China, The EU, Japan, New Zealand and the others. Even Russia should fall back and take better care of nutrition. They are eating terrible and dropping like flies. No reason for them to be in 110th place in longevity. India 125th. The US should be better than 31st place, but it is not for lack of food.

  10. Every Indian knows newsclick is a clickbait site. I could likewise post some clips from Fox News showing that California, a longstanding home of US aerospace and technology industries, is increasingly headed towards honorary 3rd world status, due to its rising epidemics of homelessness and vagrancy. But you won’t accept that’s anything more than badly-framed laws and policies, as opposed to misguided spending on technology.

    If India’s wasting its resources in the wrong ways, as you claim, then why is it that foreign international investors, including large American investment firms, are plunging more money into India? Apparently, they feel it’s a destination with some good prospects for the future.

    The US economy is about 7.5x larger than India’s, while NASA’s budget is about 20x larger than ISRO’s. The fact is that ISRO has always operated on a culture of frugality, trying to make every rupee count, while avoiding wastage. ISRO is not some money hog draining India’s budget, and provides big returns to the country through astute use of technology. Even remote villages make use of ISRO’s satellite network for education and telemedicine. Large death tolls from hurricanes and other natural disasters are a thing of the past, thanks to ISRO’s up-to-the-minute weather monitoring and disaster coordination capabilities.

    It’s too bad you’d show disdain toward a fellow democracy – the world’s largest – while claiming the largest dictatorship is better suited to exploring the heavens

  11. Sounds more like you want to cock a snook at anybody else treading on your God-given domain of space exploration. Next you’ll be telling me that developing countries like India shouldn’t send athletes to compete in the Olympics, because that money is better spent elsewhere. Guess what – even though India is still developing, people still go to the movies, they still go watch sports matches – they’ve been doing that for decades.

    The fact is that India has the largest welfare state in the world, and the real reason for poverty in India is lack of free market reforms, because the same poor who’d most benefit from those reforms prefer to cling to socialist strictures of over-regulation in labour laws as well as land acquisition by businesses.

    When India is America’s largest defense customer on the planet, then you don’t mind India spending money for that. You don’t care to notice that, because your busy focusing on hairnets. Pedant much? If the Whitehouse tries to pressure India not to buy the cheaper Russian S-400 missile system in favor of having it buy the more expensive THAAD system, then you won’t have anything to say on that. But the moment India dares to tread on your God-given proprietary domain, the Moon, then suddenly they’re reckless and irresponsible.

    Indians may not win a lot of sports medals like Americans do, but they have other areas where they feel more motivated towards pursuit of, like science and technology – and yes, space exploration too.

  12. “It might be argued that building a lunar lander helps develop the skills for more obviously useful space infrastructure.” Not saying it is not useful, but not when compared to what that money could do helping children receive decent nutrition.
    The US and other countries donate food and such to countries with needs, but those other governments must do the legwork to get the needed nutrition everywhere in their boarders, prevent people swiping it and selling it and other corruption preventing food and medicine from getting to those that need it the most.

    They need programs to modernize agriculture, boosting production and getting the roads and shipping set up to get food to market in a timely manner. And they have to fight disease. Diseases can make nutrition issues much worse. Hookworm can deplete iron, and other diseases can deplete vitamin A. These can make it difficult to earn a living even if there are jobs. Hookworm takes your energy away, no Vitamin A blinds you.

    Basic needs have to take priority.;year=2018;volume=148;issue=5;spage=503;epage=510;aulast=Yadav

  13. How fast could you drive a Tesla on the moon? 120 mph?? I’m wondering how far you could jump if there was a ramp… since there’s no atmosphere I wonder if you could drive 130 mph and jump off a ramp and then launch into orbit around moon… I think this demands scientific investigation…

  14. i Still say Elon should use falcon heavy to put a tesla car on the moon and then drive it around remotely from earth doing doughnuts in the lunar surface and popping wheelies over crated ridges…

  15. Communications & earth survey satellites are useful infrastructure for getting a country out of poverty. Whether it is worth building your own rockets rather than paying someone else to launch them is another matter.
    It might be argued that building a lunar lander helps develop the skills for more obviously useful space infrastructure.

  16. “A State Party to the Treaty on whose registry an object launched into outer space is carried shall retain jurisdiction and control over such object…”
    Lawyers will need to work on that.

  17. You are mistaken. My country also deals with Roscosmos. We have been using the RD-180 for years.
    I am not trolling anyone, I am asking seriously how this situation would apply under the Outer Space Treaty.
    If a vehicle crashes, I suppose that it is still considered sovereign property. Perhaps launching swarms of cheap landing craft would in fact make it difficult for future parties to perform lunar activities without coming into conflict with the treaty.
    When I use the term “junk”, what I really mean is the remains of a failed lander. No offense was intended.

  18. I guess the hairnets are a fashion statement as they do not wear them correctly. The second guy has an eye that does not line up correctly…probably nutrition/toxin related when he was an infant, or poor medical care when he was born.

    They need to work on public health and nutrition first. If they want to work on reactors and infrastructure, that is good too, as it raises productivity, helps transport food and goods, and improves air quality. But rockets to the Moon for pure science and national pride are luxuries that take the food out of the mouths of children.

    Countries with extreme poverty need to have rational priorities.

    China I don’t have a problem with having a well developed space program. Everyone is getting fed reasonably, and receiving decent medical care…other than the prisoners getting their organs yanked.

  19. Yeah your country was selling us junk hardware and we refined it further to leapfrog ROsComos

  20. Staking their claim.
    So- if the lander fails and the junk occupies a choice location, are we still constrained from exploiting that piece of lunar real estate?

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