Offset Middle Seat Will Make Economy Air Travel 17% Less Sucky

Molon Labe and manufacturing partner Primus Aerospace have FAA approval and will debut with a low-cost carrier in Q1 2020. This new offset middle seat will improve air travel.

The seat is two inches behind and two inches below the window and aisle seat. This gives the middle seat 21 inches of width instead of 18 inches.

It enables the middle seat to have a clear armrest of its own.

The seat is just as light as other seats so it will not cost airlines any extra fuel. It has been tested to be just as safe.

SOURCES- Youtube, Molon Labe, Primus Aerospace
Written by Christina Wong

10 thoughts on “Offset Middle Seat Will Make Economy Air Travel 17% Less Sucky”

  1. It depends on the time of day. Was taking a 7AM EST flight Monday morning flight to reach a work location for a 10AM CT start. Plane wasn’t that filled.

  2. I’m concerned about the 2″ lower characteristic. Being moderately tall (6′ 1″) I often get a sore butt from all the pressure on my hips as my legs are not supporting me in any meaningful way….

  3. Oh that’s great now you get stuck with you face against the window or part of your body in the aisle because they made the middle seat the fat guy seat…

  4. I’d like to make sure it doesn’t now make it harder to get in and out of the window seat (my favourite).

  5. You’re being optimistic, aren’t you? The same scheme would permit fitting another seat into the wider jets.

  6. Make the jets a little wider and make the seats a bit wider. You will make money by having flights that are always full.

  7. I have to admit…it would be worth trying once to see if the added seatroom and 2″ difference in the seat row is worth it.

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