SpaceX Starhopper Hover Test Aiming for Tuesday

Elon Musk indicates the Raptor engine is on the Starhopper and they are aiming for a hover test on Tuesday.

There is rapid progress on the orbital version of the Starship as well.

SOURCES- Elon Musk Twitter, chris B NSF (@NASASpaceflight) Twitter, Austin Bernard Twitter
Written By Brian Wang,

14 thoughts on “SpaceX Starhopper Hover Test Aiming for Tuesday”

  1. Well yes that works if Uncle Bob is high up the food chain. I was imagining Uncle Bob as a boring valve control engineer or something.

  2. I meant the waste of money creates, and/or extends worthless employment, and sales bonuses. Then there are campaign contributions as well.
    I called it stolen, because I consider all taxation theft. It’s just being stolen by a very large gang that claims sovereignty.

  3. Interesting notes from NSF, that Musk mentioned he believes that the 600Hz issue has been resolved for raptor SN6, but there is another low throttle chugging issue at 40% throttle which will force them to stay at 50% or higher during hop tests.

  4. GO SPACE X !!!
    close the NASA money pit for good.
    “It was a brave man who ate the first oyster”
    and a brave astronaut who rides the first hopper test ?

  5. You don’t understand Billy. Our rocket will never put anything in transfer orbit, but it’s transferred lots of stolen taxpayer dollars to my pocket! Where do you think that nice boat came from?

  6. The wind blew it off, and Elon said they weren’t gonna make another one, since it’s just for hopping tests, the nose is pretty pointless…other then making it look cool of course.
    After thinking about it…I guess it’s nose really is pointless. (rim shot)

  7. Must suck to be building SLS at family get togethers.
    “Uncle Bob about rockets Uncle Dave told me that Tesla guy is building biggest rockets ever in like a yard by the beach”
    “That’s not the same type of rocket.”
    “Doesn’t he already fly to that space station every week for like nothing because he uses the same cool spaceship all the time. Does your rocket come back Uncle Bob?”
    “No but we can lift more in one trip.”
    “But my mom says when she first met you you were building it, and I wasn’t even born and Uncle Dave says its never actually worked.”
    “We are different, we are going to the moon.”
    “I’ve seen that on Facebook but you don’t look Chinese”
    “I need to get a beer.”

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