SpaceX Starship Will Carry 1000 People Anywhere on Earth – Cost $500-2000

Elon Musk tweeted that he is looking at 1000 passengers for point to point travel. Because it will be a 20-minute flight on a fully reusable then the ticket cost could be $500-1000 per person. It will feel like a roller coaster but you will exit on another continent.

Ticket prices in the $500 to 2000 range would be business class or even competitive with international economy airline tickets. However, the flight times would be 20 minutes instead of 8-24 hours.

If SpaceX can reach improved safety then they would be able to replace almost all flights with over 8 hour flying time for coach, business, first class and private jet.

There were over 4.1 billion flights and over 1 billion were longer flights. Flights are increasing at about 10% per year.

SOURCES- Elon Musk Twitter
Written by Brian Wang,