Tesla Revolutionizing Body Frame, Wiring and Battery Construction

Elon previously described a vision of radically transforming the factories that build his cars. In 2016, Elon had the goal of making his factories ten times more productive every ten years. Elon wanted to transform his factories every two years. It appears that Elon still has something close to this goal.

The Maxwell Technologies purchase and transition to dry electrode batteries can be built with 16 higher density in the factory.

Tesla has patents to transform the wiring of electric cars. This will make it easier to automate more of the production of the Tesla cars. Tesla Model S cars had 3000 meters of wiring harnesses and the Model 3 has 1500 meters of wiring. The goal is to use more wireless and other innovation to get the Model Y to 100 meters of wiring.

Another patent is where Tesla will build a special machine to cast the entire body frame of its cars with one piece instead of 70 parts.

Tesla will reduce the weight of the Model Y, reduce heat produced, lowers cost of vehicle with less labor and significantly drops capital expenditure on robots.

The patent describes casting machine with a central hub having a cover die portion and a plurality of ejector die portions translatable relative to the cover die portion and configured to meet at the central hub.