Armored Vehicles and Armed Helicopters Move into Hong Kong at 4AM from China

The Chinese military conducted the latest rotation of its troops in Hong Kong on Thursday and was prepared to help maintain the city’s prosperity and stability, state media reported, amid massive anti-government protests. State news agency Xinhua reported the rotation at 4am on Thursday.

Armored vehicles were seen “rotating in” but none were seen “rotating out”.

Later on Thursday morning, a squadron of armed helicopters from the garrison’s air forces flew from the Southern Theatre Command to Shek Kong Airfield in Hong Kong. Unlike the arrival of the ground force and navy, which entered Hong Kong before dawn, this was a relatively high-profile move.

SOURCES- South China Morning Post, Twitter Kyle Bass
Written by Brian Wang,

27 thoughts on “Armored Vehicles and Armed Helicopters Move into Hong Kong at 4AM from China”

  1. Good point on the visas. Though as Jan points out, having a few million people used to personal and economic freedom suddenly move to the UK might cause all sorts of culture shock.

    Brexit in 1999.

  2. HK was essentially a safe haven for western business to set up a corporate HQ for activity on the mainland. China is eliminating that protection where western business has access western style legal system for executives running business based in mainland China. That is being eroded and now western business is looking to leave. China has reached a point of arrogance where they think they can suddenly go it alone and make the rules. I don’t think they understand how important HK really was to their foreign investment. If the world turns on China all that debt they are owed, which is based on US dollars, is worthless. Look at Russia and Iran. One power the US has, with Europe’s blessing of course, is the power to temporarily delete debt through sanctions. That’s what happens when you play like China and currency manipulate so its worthless as an international trade medium.

  3. Yes, good point. And just think, this could have meant that England would have gained millions of hgihly educated immigrants, but I guess they would have been the wrong kind… Anitcommunists…

  4. I”m not arguing with the handover. What I objected to was cutting off their visas.

    England owed China a hunk of land. They didn’t have to make a gift to China of the people living there, too.

  5. Really? First off, how strong was China in 1997 in military terms? Second, what if they would have tried some diplomatic maneuvers a decade earlier? It was not as China suddenly turned communistic in 1997…

  6. England was stretched to their limit making Argentina back off in 1982. They couldn’t stop China from doing anything and they knew it.

    Not saying they did the right thing, just saying they weren’t capable of doing anything else.

  7. Interesting and you are probably correct.
    need to think about this.

    Might well still be an issue, and yes its EU curse too, they can expand or integrate, not both but this is way more peaceful.

  8. Others have been reporting how the Chinese have been shipping mainland Chinese to Hong Kong for years now. This btw is EXACTLY how the Chinese took a diverse system of nations, tribes and people and made them into 95% Han Chinese EVERYWHERE.

    Same rules for the last 2000 years at least.

  9. As it has always been, China at the cusps of world domination, closed its borders and shuts out the outside world. Because the fear of losing control of China is far greater that the ambition of ruling the world.

  10. In iOS I have to click the picture to get the story link. The title links seem consistently broken. Seems to have happened recently. Worth looking at.

  11. It’s already a chicom puppet state anyways since they appoint the prime minster of hk… China should seriously rethink their population density in urban areas… too many people living in the same small area equals uncontrollable riots …

  12. Peasants ruled by brigands
    BTW read “The Dictator’s Handbook – Why Bad Behavior Is Almost Always Good Politics” for why that is so & get some clues about how to make things less bad.

  13. Scorpion and the frog. Only in this case, the frog was forced to carry the scorpion by the lion, England.

    If Thatcher didn’t know this would end this way, she was a lot stupider than she appeared.

  14. It’s like the story of the Scorpion and the Fox, where the scorpion stings the fox that is helping it across a river, and thus causing both to drown, just because “that was in its nature.”

    The Chinese central government just could not keep their hands off.

    To reference another fable, they are killing the goose that lays the golden eggs.

  15. I’m not sure why you say that. He’s properly observed that China is moving in additional tanks while claiming to be just exchanging them. What’s stupid about that?

  16. I think native English speakers can tell that the article is rather sarcastic in than it’s quite clear this is not part of some normal rotation. We understand that the hypocritical government authorities are lying through their teeth.

    If you are a native of Hong Kong, be very careful in the days ahead, if it is not too late already. The Chinese government has large operations in place (which is increasingly well documented) for involuntary organ donations by political dissidents.

  17. This “FREEDOM AND PROSPERITY” which you mention, is the historical anomaly. The tyranny is human standard issue.

  18. help maintain the city’s prosperity and stability” ah huh…. Yeah, rolling in hundreds of tanks and armored personnel carriers will really enhance FREEDOM AND PROSPERITY… How about just sticking to their agreement that Hong Kong could choose autonomy if the people so desired. The Red Chinese are merciless tyrants, but they can’t last forever. Only the bell of freedom lasts forever…

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