China Taking Control of the Flow of the Most Important River in Southeast Asia

China is taking control of the flow of Southeast Asia’s most important river through a dam-building spree.

The Mekong river starts in China and flows through Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia and Vietnam. It feeds 60 million people through its basin and tributaries.

China’s Mekong dams could destroy fish stocks and China will manipulate water flows.

Thailand is having a severe drought.

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  1. Proof them that Mao killed 70 Million people with Chinese orginated Documentary evidence but not with Western Manufactured Evidence.

  2. We spent even more time before that as amphibians and sea life. Do you propose that we abandon land and go back to the ocean?

  3. Your story says that US fighters would drop some bombs on nearby fuel depots and munitions stores, and be gone. Those must have been the nearby military targets. If those B-52 were actually trying to kill civilians, many many more would have died. If the US was trying to destroy Hanoi, there would have been fire-bombs, like those used against Japan and Germany. GuiltyGuy has evidently never been on the receiving end of small arms and rocket attacks, as I was. He seems to think that reality, is what he reads, and uses his imagination to fill in the gaps, to suit his preconceived ideas. He doesn’t seem to have any idea of the sights, sounds, smells, feel of a nearby blast, and uncertainty of what being in combat is like. Someone who knows what he is talking about, he is not. As I said, in the 1960s and early 1970s, we did not know what GuiltyGuy’s 2018 article said, about Agent Orange being harmful to humans.

  4. There won’t be any war. The disparity in military power is too huge. War must be started by at least one party. I can’t think of a single neighbor of China that has remotely the resources to start one. Obviously, China does not need to start one. The biggest one of them in the South, India, can’t even climb their troops up the steep mountain ranges. Just look at a three D map and you will know what I mean. The Chinese have a huge geographic advantage in most of the areas.

    If war were to break out between China and Vietnam, they will lose very big. The last few years, the Chinese have done a lot of mock fighting in their training to bring ever more degree of realism in their fighting. They have continued to update their tactics. The Vietnamese army will be wiped out in a few weeks.

  5. this is great for the usa though.. one more thing to send the rest of southeast asia into closer ties with the us and japan.. XI Jiping really isnt very smart.. and with a leader in the US and Japan willing to take china on they are not in a very good position.. if and when Putin and russia turn on china that will be a glorious day

  6. Look, I agree the people are pessimistic about the next few years. My point was, does the same people still support their government? I think you will find that they largely do, despite their grumblings about their future. I don’t see any protest like you see in Hong Kong, at least not about the policies of the government. There are always grievances about corrupt officials and such. One data point. If a significant part of China is rife with unrest as you seem to think, the Chinese would not have tolerated a full month of Hong Kong protest. They will send in the army to stop the contagion. That they did nothing signals that they are highly confident that this wouldn’t spread to other parts of China.

  7. When a country goes to war with another, it is never about altruism. In this case, it was about power and the sphere of influence. Vietnam did not get rid of the Khmer Rouge because they kill a third of their people. The Vietnamese could care less. They went in to grab power and to install a friendlier regime.

    As I said, the Chinese took a big toll invading Vietnam, but they accomplished what they wanted and they learned to fight much better after a decade of fighting the Vietnamese. They never set out to occupy North Vietnam.

  8. The Vietnamese wanted to get rid of the Khmer Rouge (a genocidal regime that wiped out 30% of the the Cambodian people) due to his aggression against Vietnam, which they successfully accomplished. China with their infinite wisdom wanted to keep the genocidal Khmer Rouge in power and the Vietnamese did the right thing and overthrown them because it was what the Cambodian people wanted. As for Laos, no, it was allies at the time with Vietnam and there wasn’t conflict. The Chinese wanted to ‘punish’ the Vietnamese but instead had most of their tanks destroyed to Vietnam. It was China that wanted to take the Northern part of Vietnam in which it failed to do, they also failed in not having Vietnam overthrow the murderous Khmer Rouge.

  9. It doesn’t matter what the CCP’s reasoning for slow growth is, they promised the Chinese an improved condition of life and economic growth. If the CCP can’t keep their promise people would protest and there will be riots as there were never seen before, they’ll have to reform in the midst of no growth because the economic growth is the CCP claim to fame. And I know what happened in China (I lived there from 2010 to 2017) with their economic growth and the pessimism that predated the growth. That is why I’m uniquely able to tell you that my friends that are working in China are feeling a blow in the trade war, they feel the government isn’t going to get a deal and growth will slow. They know that a recession is going to happen in the face of countries aligning against them economically and politically. The growth is slowing down, you can’t believe what the Chinese media says as it is a government mouthpiece that only says what citizens want to hear. Contrary to what you are saying, this isn’t the early 2010’s, people here are more pessimistic and they see through Government bs, they don’t believe the rosy picture the CCP is painting them.

  10. So Jews can’t fund people? Yeah you totally aren’t a neonazi Chinese savage right, don’t make us rearm Japan because you guys seemed screwed until we came into the war. (想想在南京发生的事情 ?)

  11. Seems you forgot the 70 million Chinese Mao killed, the imprisoned millions of innocent Uighurs that is the largest incarceration since the Holocaust, the backing of North Korea, the detainment of foreign Canadian nationals as a political pawn, Tienanmen Massacre that was against unarmed College student, the displacement of millions through ghost cities, I could go on but I don’t have all day so here are some links.

    Point is the ASEAN wants us more than they want CCP controlled China, this is why we are halting Chinese aggression along with there unfair trade practices!

  12. They went to war with Vietnam and killed hundreds of thousands too, difference is we later invested in Vietnam to fix the damage we caused. Not to mention the humanitarian aid we constantly gave them. Now we are giving them weapons as they are a huge trading partner so you, a Chinese bot, try and dis-align us from our allies. The Chinese are the danger to Vietnamese, we are merely allowing them to protect themselves from megalomaniac Xi!

  13. It isn’t though, this is a Cold War over resources, perhaps if you had a good education your political awareness would allow you to see that, in fact, this is an American fight to halt Chinese aggression.

    You already know it’s a bot when they use sad faces with caps, go back home to China you bot.

  14. Vietnam wanted to take over Laos and Cambodia. China fought them to stop this from happening. Militarily, the invasion took a very heavy toll on China, but they did achieve their political goal of stopping Vietnam from taking over its neighboring countries. In fact, today, both of these countries are client states of China. The other thing that most don’t realize about the Sino Vietnam war was that it re-trained the Chinese army to fight a modern war. The war lasted about a decade. During that time, the Chinese went from the initial loss of tens of thousands of people to become a very potent fighting machine. It is not one of their finest wars, but you do hear people inside of China discuss this.

  15. Trump had done this by denying them technology and even trying to prevent other countries from buying their stuff. Thus far, as in the case with Huawei, it has back fired. Google is likely to lose its dominance on OS.
    For the time that you spent on China, you seem to have not been very observant.

    There are always problems in China, very big ones. They managed to overcome them. That is how their economy keep growing over the last few decades. If you were in the eighties and nineties living in China, you would think the world will end, but it didn’t. It is very difficult work to solve all the contradictions. Otherwise all the third world countries with $1000 a year per capita GDP will grow like they did. High level of competence is needed by the government to overcome enormous social dislocation and inertia as well as vested interest to move things forward.

    Despite all the issues people have with their government, they seem to approve of what the government is doing. Trump’s war with China seem to add to the already high level of support. Please look at the overall picture. This is what I see today.

    Now, even if the country stop growing, they can blame the trade war and I will bet that most of the country will buy it. I don’t think they will stop growing.

  16. We need to weaken the CCP, we don’t need to completely capitulate the Chinese people because otherwise they’ll just fight harder. The CCP is winning the PR war back home but the Chinese are coming around to find out that the best interests of the country, such as growth and stability, are being snubbed in order to stick it to America. I occasionally spend time with my friends in China and there are increasing numbers of youth disillusioned with the Party, they don’t show it in public but the do on Western websites through VPN’s. The CCP promised exponential growth which is slowing, and when the economy stops growing people are going to be set off and reform will come for the Party would lose all its claim to power.

  17. Not what I meant at all, when I say moral superiority I mean not doing the exact same things they are doing while condemning them. That means that we shouldn’t fall into the same neo-colonist label, right now it is a PR and Cold War (I’m not doubting that there isn’t a Cold War). We just need to realize that we can’t immediately force them in line with brutal sanctions and arming other nations, the CCP needs to win back home if they want to keep power. We may be winning the PR war but in China we are losing, we just need to calculate how far we can push 1.3 billion people and avoid total war. I’m not advocating for inaction, I think we need to defend our allies and interests, but we need to be diplomatic when necessary so we don’t alienate 1.3 billion people (they don’t have a choice in the matter so we need to pressure the government and not them so they may one day have less hardliner megalomaniacs in charge).

  18. It used to be that drugs are not tolerated, period, end of story. Now we got people like you who are saying, go ahead and take drugs, just make a wonder drug that is not addicting. Well, there is no such a thing. If there is no public will to even stop people from taking drugs, we won’t be able to stop the suppliers. Someone will step in to make the money. We need to attack this in both directions, mostly at the demand side.

  19. This is already done by every administration, especially the Trump administration, to the extend possible. Our economies are so intertwined that it hurts us as much as it hurts them. There are a lot of cards that the Chinese have not played thus far.

    Just as the rise of the U.S. from a backward agrarian country to a super power, the rise of any country, including China is largely due to internal factors. When countries can, they will do things that benefit them at the expense of the other countries. We do this all the time, or do you think all of our actions towards Venezuela has nothing to do with the oil reserve that we want to take from them.

    In the same way, the decline of a country is mostly due to internal factors. We need to fix our own problems to stay great. I am pessimistic that we can. Democracy has made it such that very basic things, like stopping people from taking a dump in the middle of a street, has become impossible.

  20. The problem with “Just say no” is now and always has been that pushers target our young people, who have less experience and sense to just say no. You have to hit it at the source, at its distribution, and at the tip of the spear. The border patrol says they have enough fentanyl to kill hundreds of millions of people, most of it from China. The Chinese government has consistently refused to crack down on its production in their country, which as a communist country with no human rights they could do at will. So, hit them where it hurts until they do.

    As for the distribution part, people bringing it into the country, the best solution I heard of for that was to require the people bringing it in and getting caught to have to do the entire amount brought in all at once. Is that murder, maybe, but so is their action of bringing it in the country in the first place. Same for the pushers at the local level.

    Tip of the spear, the people who are at risk of starting to take it, need treatment. A legal recreational drug market of safer non addictive drugs that will mess you up for one day or night (but not your entire life) would probably be a good idea. Not ideal (abstinence would be better) but in this case all things have to be relative. Nobody would do dangerous illegal drugs if they had a viable and accessible alternative. Couple that with a tax on the legal drugs to advertise the legal over using illegal.

    Lots of things are better than what we are doing now.

  21. So, your answer is to hurl harsh words at them from the height of moral superiority? As if… Far better to stub their toe at every opportunity, short of direct contact war, to stymie their future ambitions and bad behavior. Guess what, we’re already in a cold war. Just because you choose not to recognize it doesn’t change that. A cold war doesn’t mean a hot war, it just makes things harder for them to take advantage of and limits their range of bad behavior until they learn to play nice with the other kids on the playground.

  22. Yeah, I lived in China for Uni and in no way did I ever hear of this war. It’s because they are embarrassed that they lost to a people the considered inferior to them, the Chinese lost so bad they don’t talk about it!

  23. It is true, it was the political situation on why we left, people just felt that we were there for no reason. If there wasn’t the political turmoil in America, then they most likely would’ve fought until they won.

  24. Vietnam has billions of dollars worth of advanced American weaponry, they aren’t the same rice farmers. Also the Chinese when they invaded were advanced, they had modern Soviet weapons (the Vietnamese just wiped the floor with them).

  25. The people in all these nations want stability, hurling nukes at each other and being sent back to the stone age isn’t the way. There will be conflict between China and it’s neighbors, it will be bloody, but in no way will nukes be used. It will be resource wars, crop wars, cyber warfare, and wars of attrition (modern war strategy, not like ww2, talking about total modern war). The US and Russia wouldn’t really get involved, they would be the weapon dealers and may supply strategists, food, and other resources. The wars would not be decade long or anything like that, it would last two to five years, reasoning is that the governments just want stability and resources and a prolonged war doesn’t tend to create stability (so it wouldn’t be like the war on terror). Big disclaimer, this is speculation (surprise!), but I did take a couple of courses on foreign relation so I have a bit of knowledge on the matter.

  26. It isn’t a question of if, it is a question of when. It isn’t happening now but it COULD in the future due to the building of dams at water sources that give India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand. If all plans fall through their is no doubt that China will use destabilization as a pawn in regional domination of land and water ways. We, the rest of the world, need to support these countries with; resources, weapons, and our military. It is paramount that we keep the majority of the worlds population stable otherwise we’ll have huge issues.

  27. China does bad things like any other country, their manipulation of drug markets, water, territory is definitely bad. But starting a crusade against them is only going to cause a Cold War. No need for nukes, we just need people to realize what they are doing by seizing the South China Sea and building dams across rivers that nourish millions. We need moral superiority, not military in this situation (we already have military superiority).

  28. Yeah, take away a persons most basic necessity and you’ll 100% have a total war. People tend to get mad when you blatantly threaten them like this, not to mention this is definitely going to be used for extortion.

  29. As a professional drug dealer, I hate the fact that Chinese generics are allowed in this nation. Bad heparin from China killed over 52 people and our FDA does ZERO inspecting of Chinese pharmaceutical manufactures. They will police America drug companies and other foreign generic companies like Teva, but China for some mysterious reason receives no oversight.

  30. Of course it is the Jooos. Were you not aware that Jooos run America and are responsible for the popularization of Justin Beaver? Blame them for the gluten epidemic as well.

  31. It doesn’t matter what I think. What matters, is what the south east Asian nations say, about wanting China out of their backyards. The Vietnamese people loved the Chinese so much, that tens of thousands didn’t die in a border war in 1979? There may be a reason to carpet bomb military equipment and supply routes; but, never civilians in cities. I have Agent Orange caused caused neuropathy. It was not known to have any human side effects, until years later. Agent Orange was certainly not used as a poison, despite what ChiCom propaganda may claim.

  32. cut off an oxygen? I recomend to your handelers that you need to be taken to the reeducation camps for your correction in the proper use of the english language. I recommend waterboarding.

  33. The national security for China depends on Philippine reefs 1000 km (600 miles) from Hainan island? The US Navy aircraft carrier groups can go anywhere 200 nautical miles (370 km) from the Chinese mainland and still be in International waters. John Bolton has kosher masters? Are GuiltyGuy and his dog eating troll farm comrades trying to feed us the ChiCom party line, in badly phrased dictionary English?

  34. I have been to 29 nations. I did research in Ecuador as an undergrad, then research in Mongolia as a grad student, travelled through Korea and Japan by getting a flight through those to Mongolia and extending the layover. My spouse is Australian and I lived there for 2.5 years, traveled through SE Asia, New Zealand and Fiji when I would visit home (cheap flights back through those places). Met my wife traveling in Nepal and India in a after college trip with my friend from uni. Went on a few short holidays to central america because I found cheap tickets. Honeymooned in Peru. I am part Jew so I did Birthright. Worked for a summer in Alaska and drove up. Drove to Guatemala for a research project as well once.

    Long story short, I get around.

  35. War is continuation of politics by other means. And vice versa.

    You fight a war by applying pressure to the enemies weak points. Sometimes that’s their shipping lines. Sometimes that’s a direct assault on their capital city. And sometimes that’s getting your allies in Hollywood to persuade them to give up.

    After all, we count the USSR as having “lost” the cold war, when once again they weren’t militarily defeated, they gave up under financial and political pressure.

    The Germans lost World War 1, but their army wasn’t defeated in the field, they just ran out of supplies because of the blockades.

    A loss is a loss, and the secret is to stop complaining about the loss not being fair, but instead to find the weak point and negate it.

  36. I can’t speak for dicanomi, but lots of people manage it. The trick isn’t so much that work sends you to these places, it’s having a job that doesn’t get in the way. People that work remotely can travel pretty easily.

  37. You know the next thing on the list is carfentanil?

    10 000 times more potent than morphine. If someone wanted to take 1 gram of morphine, they’d only need 100 micrograms of carfentanil. That’s licking the back of a postage stamp on a postcard sent from another country.

    Which means that to smuggle the equivalent of 1 kg of morphine into the country, they only need smuggle in 100 milligrams. That’s going to fit inside a hollow tooth filling. Then you cut it with 1 kg of icing sugar once over the border.

    Good luck keeping that out of anywhere.

    Has anyone seen the shorts for the movie “Pool Shark”? It’s about a pool party, but there’s a killer shark in the pool. Everyone is sitting around, terrified, trying to work out how to survive. One oblivious nerd keeps asking “How about you just don’t get in the pool?” But everyone else ignores him as not being realistic.
    It’s just like the drugs crisis. There is this terrible thing that is killing all these people. How will we survive?
    “How about you don’t take the drugs?”
    No you idiot, that would never work.

  38. So now I’m “kosher”. See what I meant?

    Just one of those weirdos who blames everything on Jews or Blacks or Whites or Males or something.

  39. You may have missed it, but this Guilty guy gave the game away when he claimed this was a Jewish conspiracy.

    John Bolton or his kosher masters

    So really he’s just one of those basement dwelling Nazis or Communists (same thing really) and you don’t need to respond to him as though he was an intelligent life form.

  40. China is setting themselves up for a war and it will get very ugly. India is also posturing. Were looking at a India, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, and maybe the Philippines alliance versus China and Pakistan, with Japan and possibly South Korea (least likely entrant) joining in at some point. Russia and US become major arms dealers.

    Not saying this will happen, but if conflict does break out in the next few years, those will likely be the sides. This is pretty much a limited WW3. Assuming China, India or Pakistan does not go nuclear mode and everything goes full retard. Hopefully cooler heads prevail and China tones down the screw your neighbors ways they seem so set on. Also, go talk with a Mongolian, they would love to invade China as well, though not much of a military.

    I have traveled much throughout Asia (been to every nation I mentioned), people in those nations hate China, far more than any Latin American nation hates the US (I have been all over Central and S. America as well).

  41. So what do you think Taiwan, Manila, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, malaysia and Singapore prefer: having US ships patrol the South China Sea or having the South China Sea turned into a property of China by the creation of artificial islands?

    Hint: They don’t consider US naval presence to be bad…

  42. …China’s Mekong dams could destroy fish stocks…

    …China will manipulate water flows. Thailand is having a severe drought.

    You really know how to raise the dander of the irrational and the inept.
    You know full well the only thing that will register in their brains after reading this post is “China’s manipulations of their dams caused a severe drought in Thailand and destroyed their fish stocks

  43. Chapter XI of losing friends, making enemies.

    Of course I suppose it was all downhill between China and Vietnam after China invaded them… and lost.

  44. In the 1930’s Japan was taking over, with their Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere. Today, it is China with their “We’re taking over the South China Sea and the rest of Asia, with our Chinese Prosperity First, mandate”. This article doesn’t mention China’s intention to also take control of the Brahmaputra river, which flows into Bangladesh before merging with the Ganges in India.

  45. 5000% tariffs, especially until the flow of fentanyl ends. Personally I’m done with the Chinese communist government. Nukes for Taiwan too.

  46. Well done China! You make the US look good by comparison. All we want is for countries to buy our debt, China wants to weaken you with famine (and then likely invade & occupy you).

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