Elon Musk Says Orbital Starship Could Be Ready to Fly at the End of August

Elon Musk the first version of the Orbital Starship could be ready to fly with 3 Raptor engines by the end of August. Three Raptor engines will not be enough to get it to orbit.

The two Starship prototypes are each in two parts. They have installed some bulkheads into them. They will be 45 to 50 meters tall when stacked. This will be about 10-20% shorter than the specifications revealed late in 2018. The final orbital Starship will have 6 Raptor engines.

There is talk about increasing the Raptor engines for point to point versions of the Starship for anywhere on EArth travel in under an hour.

Elon will present details of the orbital Starship in about three weeks. There will have been some 200 meter or higher hops of the Starhopper by then.

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