Fatter Starship 2.0 Will Go Anywhere on Earth With More Safety

Warren Redlich has a video with renderings Kimi Talvitie has made of SpaceX Starship 2.0 with an 18 meter diameter.

Starship would only have 6 raptor engines and have a range of about 10,000 miles. However, an 18-meter wide Starship 2.0 would have 20 raptor engines and would be able to go anywhere on earth in under one hour.

It would be single-stage which would be safer than two-stage rockets. there would be no dangers or complications from a stage separation.

20 raptor engines would allow for a lot of engines to be turned off if any problems were detected.

SOURCES- Warren Redlich, Kimi Talvitie
Written By Brian Wang, Nextbigfuture.com